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Hi, Hello, Hey There, Howdy, Hola

23 Mar

I am a blogger. I thought maybe if I said it out loud, I would be better able to commit to it.

Welcome! As you can see, I’m just getting started here.  The plan is to chronicle our journey through law school and parenthood.  Yes, we’re embarking on those two HUGE endeavors at pretty much the same time.  I mean, go big or go home, right?  Yeah.  It’s a bit scary, I have to admit.  There are a lot of things that I’m unsure about, and I realize more and more every day that I’m not really prepared to be a parent.  I don’t know how to put in a car seat.  I like to have my schedule.  I like to sleep through the night (which doesn’t really happen anymore anyway).  But most of all I’m selfish.

At any rate, for those of you who are finding this and don’t know our story, here’s the short version.  I met my husband, Joel when I was 25.  I was an engineer, he was a cop.  We actually met at our church Visio Dei which was planted from Hope Community Church in Cary, NC.  We both moved over to Visio Dei when it was planted, and ended up in the same homegroup.  At the time, I lived in a condo (Jason, my landlord at the time and friend, would get mad if I called it an apartment), and had a sketchy neighbor.  One day I was at home after work, putting together a car top bike rack (long story), and there was a knock on the door.  When I opened the door, there was a policeman in uniform.  I recognized that it was Joel, but when he saw who I was, he backed up, and I thought he might fall off of my 3rd floor breezeway because he was so shocked.  He was trying to serve an arrest warrant for my neighbor (awesome, right?), and was knocking on my door to see if I knew where he was.  To this day, he swears that he didn’t know I lived in that apartment condo… this is still up for debate.  As it turns out, he lived about a block away in a house, and from then on, he would use his idle time as a cop to patrol my little neighborhood, making sure I was safe and nothing sketchy was going down.  Sweet, right?  So we started talking, then dating, then we got engaged (which is a great story and shows you how sweet he really is – I’ll tell you sometime if you want), and we were married in September of 2007.

The years between then and now have been filled with blessing and hardship, both.  Someday I’ll give you the full story of our first year of marriage.  We lost a lot and gained a lot. The day before we got engaged, Joel had some crap happen at work that led to his eventual resignation from the police department.  He went back to Campbell University to finish the MBA that he had started before he became a cop.  After he finished, he reapplied at different police departments, but found out, after many weeks of waiting and much worrying, that his general certification had never been filed with the state, and now it was too late to make that happen.  So, in order for him to become a police officer again, he would have to go back through the whole academy process, which he really didn’t want to do.  In the interim, he’s worked a couple part time jobs, I quit my job as an engineer to pursue photography, and he applied to law school.  The first year, he wasn’t accepted anywhere, mostly due to a low undergraduate GPA, but this year, in January, we got the news that he’ll be attending Campbell again for law school.  It’ll take 3 years for him to complete.

Just before we heard about law school, we found out that we were pregnant.  I had somewhat mixed emotions about this, as I’m sure most women do when they’re not really trying to get pregnant.  There was so much still up in the air, and it meant MAJOR change for our lives.  Several months later, I am much more excited about the idea of having a child.  I love kids, we have a niece who I absolutely adore, and several other friends with kids who bring so much joy into their lives.  I know it will be a fantastic thing.

But I also know that it will be an interesting 3 years.  With a husband in law school, a new baby, and me still trying to develop my career in photography, things will certainly be interesting.  Probably challenging.  Sometimes frustrating.  Often joyful.  So, that’s the purpose of this blog.  If you don’t want to read it, you won’t hurt my feelings.  There will probably be lots of rambling, too much information, and things you just don’t want to know.  If that’s the case, please feel free to pack your bags and walk away – no hard feelings.  But, if you’re still interested (for some reason), in our journey, put up your feet and stay a while.  It’s guaranteed to be filled with joy and tears, highs and lows, new vocabulary terms and baby products…. basically law school and lullabies.

We’re excited to see where this new turn in life will take us, and what God will do with all of this.  If you’re still reading – wow, thanks for sticking around.