Yes, We Are (were) Lost-ies

31 May

There’s this little TV show that’s been on for the past few years… maybe you’ve heard of it.  It’s called LOST.  And it’s over.

I know that there are people out there who didn’t like the show.  I know there are even more who didn’t like how it ended.  Personally, I couldn’t have thought of a better ending, but whatever.  This post isn’t about the show.

We have a group of friends that we have watched this show with since season 3.  Hey folks, that’s 4 years.  Every week, we would get together at one house or another and someone would make dinner and we would hang out and catch up on life and then we would watch LOST.

We had only a few rules:

1. It is ok to experiment with new recipes on LOST night.  We are all friends, and if it’s a total flop, we’ll order pizza.
2. There should always be beer/wine and root beer (and lately other fizzy juice beverages for the preggo ones)
3. Kids go to bed before LOST starts.
4. NO, and I mean absolutely NO TALKING during LOST. Commercials are fine, but when the show comes back on, conversations must stop mid-sentence.  It was too easy to miss something important on that show.

We have grown really close to these friends – Joel knew most of them from undergrad, but I was introduced to them when we started dating.  As with entering any new group of people, especially those who have known each other for years, it was just a little hard to break in.  They always had stories to tell about the college days they spent together, and that kind of shared history isn’t something to take lightly.  They had all been through a lot together.  But in the last 4 years, all the couples have had a kid or two (we’re the late-bloomers there), 5 of us went to India together, and we’ve seen each other through career changes, personal difficulties, and lots of blessings.  Now when we get together, it’s not so much about recounting old college stories and it’s more about living life together.  They are people who I would answer the phone for any time of day or night, and I’m pretty sure they’d do the same for us.

So when we got together for the finale of LOST last Sunday, it felt a little strange.  It was a great time, we did all the normal things, but when the show was over and we had spent our normal time discussing afterwards, and we all said goodbye, it felt kind of final.  It felt like we were saying goodbye to these friends that we’ve seen once a week for the last four years.  I realize that sounds silly.  It certainly won’t be the last time we see them.  In fact, we’re going to try to keep hanging out all together each week.  But it’s funny how a TV show can make it easier to carve out time and be intentional about seeing people that we care about.  Maybe it’s sad that that’s the case – but the reality is that life gets so busy – and coordinating the schedules of 4 families, most of them with kids, can get complicated.  Either way, we’ve invested 4 years together, and I’m thankful that we did.

The Shamblees, the Weyands, and the Crosses are among some of our best friends.  Thanks, friends, for being part of our lives for so long.

If you’re interested in some more discussion about LOST itself, you can go here – a blog that Shaun pointed out to me this past weekend.  There’s some pretty lively discussion there, so enjoy.

In other news, they should have put a warning on the Grey’s Anatomy season finale telling pregnant people not to watch.  It was intense, to say the least, and even though I’d heard other people say that, it caught me off guard.  I was exhausted when I finished watching it.  Seriously people, help a girl out here.

One Response to “Yes, We Are (were) Lost-ies”

  1. Kelli June 6, 2010 at 6:18 am #

    Totally did not know you had this blog until now! I guess you find out a lot of stuff when you’re home alone and searching the internet into the wee hours of the night! This post made me cry! I know we were only here for this season, but we really enjoyed being a part of LOST night. The good thing though now, is we can pick another show, or another night that works for everyone and continue the fun times!

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