Just a Soft, Slow Murmur

12 Jun

That’s what the cardiologist said he heard when he listened to my heart today. A “soft, slow murmur.”  They didn’t do an EKG, but I’m going in next week to get a 24 hour holter monitor.  Did you know that you can’t use a cell phone while you have the holter on?  Seriously??? A whole 24 hours without my cell phone???  What in the world are they thinking?  I don’t even think my parents go 24 hours without touching their cell phones anymore.  Maybe not even my grandma.

But I will say this, the holter monitor is a lot smaller than I expected – maybe the size of one of the first ipods – you know the classics.  The ones no one has anymore.  Our friend Jason had one that was the fancy U2 version.  Black and red or something “edgy” looking like that.  It gave him the ipod-sad-face one time.  That’s the kiss of death for an ipod – the happy little message from Apple saying “Sorry, no more music for you :)”  Then it revived.  But, I digress.

That means that I will be out of commission from Tuesday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon.  You won’t be able to talk to me unless you can find me in person.  Good luck.  I am very sneaky.

They’re also going to do an ultrasound of my heart to check for heart disease and any defects or valve problems.  I’m really interested to see that, actually.  It should be a really cool thing to see your own heart pumping.

Anyway, the cardiologist didn’t seem concerned – actually I asked him if he was worried about it, or if I should be.  He said that he wasn’t, and that he’d know more after the other tests.

Thanks for all the comments, encouragement, and prayers.  I’m definitely a lot more calm about it now, and just knowing that the doctor actually heard something as well makes me feel less crazy.  Well, kinda. 😉

One Response to “Just a Soft, Slow Murmur”

  1. Rachel Barker June 14, 2010 at 4:04 pm #

    I am definitely praying for you, hon! So glad you’re getting to the bottom of it.

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