The Massive To-Do List

25 Jun

You could say I’m nesting.

I don’t really know what this looks like for other people.  For me, it means wanting to have everything done.  Organized.  Clean.  Minimized. Complete.

I have made a giant to-do list with everything that I have to accomplish before the baby gets here.  It is ginormous.  There’s no other way to describe it.  Massive.  But I have it broken down by room, and tasks under each room to keep myself from getting overwhelmed.  Since it’s the beginning of July, and a new month is a good time for starting projects (right?), here’s a bit of it my list (keeping in mind, I know how completely ridiculous I am and how excessive this is…).  Some of the items have already been tackled since my dad was up here last weekend.  He did a lot of things that I couldn’t have tackled myself, which was awesome!  This is more for me to keep track of things, and to feel good about crossing things off when I get them done… I love that feeling.

Flower Bed by Street:

  • kill grass
  • remove grass
  • put down black garden paper
  • buy more mulch
  • put down mulch
  • plant gardenias
  • plant bulbs
  • edge with bricks


  • move concrete block (for some reason, we have this concrete parking stop in our garage… we inherited it when joel bought the house)
  • hang joel’s heavybag
  • move workbench
  • put away gym equipment
  • sweep and mop
  • paint pegboard
  • organize tools
  • put basic tools on pegboard (so i can find a screwdriver or a hammer when i need one. this is impossible right now)
  • move freezer
  • clean out freezer

Garden Tools

  • close in area under the deck
  • put in a work bench/potting bench
  • get containers for potting soil
  • put up hooks for tools


  • get one copy of everything onto one HDD
  • make cuts and delete them
  • backup to second HDD
  • online backup
  • delete all other copies of photos

Laundry Room

  • get small trash can
  • remove cabinet doors
  • organize cabinets
  • throw out trash
  • take all shoes upstairs


  • complete mileage log Jan-June
  • complete expenses spreadsheet for 2010
  • file papers and receipts
  • update website – so many amazing weddings to add to the site… gotta do this SOON!


  • fix door trim
  • choose fabric for bedding
  • make bedding
  • canvases
  • paint clock
  • paint shelf
  • paint bathroom?
  • figure out closet organization
  • get carpet cleaned
  • make curtains

Dining Room

  • organize bills
  • move shredder
  • clean up projects
  • file bills
  • clean out trunk
  • fix leg on trunk

Living Room

  • clean out baskets
  • find a spot for joel’s gym bag to live
  • get table for by front door
  • clean out shoe basket
  • clean out hooks by door


  • clean out tupperware drawer
  • clean/organize ziploc drawer
  • organize pantry
  • clean out inside frezer
  • clean out pantry


  • move dvd shelf down
  • hide cables
  • put new outlet in wall
  • clean out dresser (joel)
  • give away clothes
  • get carpet cleaned

Man Room

  • cover base of stadium seats with carpet (anyone know where i can get a scrap of carpet? maybe 6’x6′)
  • get carpet cleaned


  • put all contacts in
  • clean up laptop
  • memory for mac pro
  • organize files
  • online backup of personal files


  • sweep
  • clean wood
  • refinish

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