The Curtain Project

29 Jul

Well, folks, it has begun.

My first attempt at sewing in at least 10 years.  I used to sew quite a bit.  My mom taught me.  She used to make us dresses and curtains and really anything you can think of.  Every Easter and Christmas, my sister and I would have new, handmade dresses courtesy of my mom.  So she taught me how to sew.  The first dress I made was a green empire-waisted dress with white piping along the empire seam.  It was made of some green linen that was left over (or never used) by my mom from some project back in the 70s.  Awesome.  I loved that dress and wore it all the time.

Fast forward a few years… I went off to college and living in a dorm room, there wasn’t room for a sewing machine, or much time for sewing either.  Not that there was a spare machine just sitting around somewhere.  So  since then, I haven’t done much sewing.  But, curtains seemed do-able enough, so here I go, trying my hand, once more.

Here’s the fabric I settled on (finally):

It’s from Joel Dewberry, for those who are interested.  I bought it from etsy, and I have a TON leftover, so if anyone needs some, let me know!  Or maybe I’ll try my hand at making a dress (or 10 – because that’s how much extra fabric I have) for the little one.

I thought it was going to be slightly more blue than it is, so since it’s a little more green than the walls, I thought it needed something to break it up from the wall, so it doesn’t look funny.  So I scoured Jo-Ann fabrics and found a piece of orangey-yellow fabric with little tiny white stars to use as trim.

Yesterday I pulled out the sewing machine.  My sister graciously passed it on to me, since she’s in med school with little-to-no time to sew.  It was my grandma’s, then my mom’s, and then my sister’s.  And that makes you think that it’s one of those sewing machines in a table that you power by pedaling with your foot.  But it’s not.  See, my Grammy loves sewing machiens.  She currently has probably the most expensive, state of the art, sewing/embroidery machine out there.  So the one I have, despite having been passed through 3 hands before getting to mine, is still a computerized one, capable of embroidering designs and doing many different stitches.  I only use one stitch though – and that’s the straight one.  I’m not good enough for all that fancy stuff.

So here’s where I got to yesterday:

So far so good!  I still have to hem them (and maybe put some of the yellow on the bottom, I’m still undecided, but open to opinions), finish the side edges, and sew a rod pocket in the top, you know, so I can hang them.  I’m pretty excited about how they’re turning out though.

Maybe the nursery will come together after all… I was starting to wonder.

…to be continued….

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