Things I Miss

16 Aug

I’m not gonna lie. This week I am 35 weeks pregnant.  And today I am feeling every bit of it.

There are a lot of things that I miss as a pregnant woman – things I’m looking forward to being able to do, eat, wear, and drink again.  This has been a tough week for me.  I’ve just generally not been feeling well.  Tired.  Tired of being pregnant.  Tired of heartburn like you wouldn’t believe (though pepcid has been a big help in that area, it’s still not quite right).  Tired of being sore. But that’s enough complaining from me.  I decided that instead, I would make a list of things that I’m looking forward to after baby girl makes her appearance.  I can’t wait to:

  1. Wear pants with working zippers again (I am slightly afraid that I will forget that my non-preggo pants actually have zippers and that I will walk around with my fly open for days on end, because I am used to just the elastic kind.  Oh dear.  Is this where mom-pants come from?)
  2. See my feet
  3. Bend at the waist
  4. Eat more than 5 bites of food at once
  5. Eat sushi – Oh, sushi.  I have missed you greatly.  I may request that you join me for dinner shortly after baby girl makes her appearance.
  6. And goat cheese, brie, and blue cheese
  7. Eat a regular, cold sandwich without taking 20 minutes or having to heat up the lunchmeat
  8. Lay down to sleep (I did get a taste of this and it was heavenly…it is amazing what a difference a good night’s sleep can make.  But then I got over-confident because the heartburn was gone and tonight I ate too much… and if I lay down I feel like I will see it all again. Oh dear. That’s lovely. Lesson learned. Back to 5 bites for dinner.)
  9. Drink a margarita or a glass of wine.
  10. Drink water (or anything) without getting heartburn. Yes.
  11. Work out (I have mixed emotions about this.  I was doing CrossFit before we found out I was pregnant, and a little afterwards too.  It’s a tough workout, but it felt great to be making some progress and the conditioning seemed to be helping my asthma.  Maybe that’s in my head.  Either way, I feel like I’ll be starting all over.  Oh wait.  I will be.  8 months of doing nothing significant… I miss it.  But I am scared. Scrrrrrrrrrrrd.)
  12. Take a full breath – It’s the little things, people.
  13. Brush my teeth without wanting to throw up (this is really weird, but all toothpaste has that effect on me)
  14. Being able to squeeze through small spaces by turning sideways.  This hasn’t worked for me for quite a while now.  Yet, I still try.  It’s like un-doing 28 years of habit.

I wish I could say I was one of those people who just LOVES being pregnant.  That would be a lie.  I don’t love it.  I am sure that I will love the result.  A little baby girl that is beautiful and perfect and precious.  I do think it’s a complete miracle.  A little heartbeat.  Kicks in the ribs.  Tiny little hands and feet all perfectly formed.  I don’t know how you could not see God in that.  Even in the rib kicks.  But the process, I do not love.  Just keeping it real.

I will say that being pregnant does have its perks.  There’s kind of an instant camaraderie with anyone who is pregnant, or even moms that have been there before. They all know what it’s like.  I can get my husband to take me to get snow cones.  Even when he doesn’t even want one.  He’s good like that.

On a side note, Joel started law school today.  Oh yes.  Well, orientation anyway.  Friday is the first day of real class.  They’re letting him ease into it.  Kind of them, no?  And so now the story truly begins… Here we go….

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