You Should Watch This…

18 Aug

Back before I was pregnant, I found this blog, Pacing the Panic Room, via some other blog (I cannot remember which).  What drew my attention was the maternity series this dad was doing with his wife as her belly grew.  They took a photo every week, and wrote a little note to their growing baby girl.  I loved the idea, and told Joel that we would have to do the same thing whenever we decided to have kids.

Well, fast forward a little bit, and we were pregnant.  I had grand intentions of having Joel take a picture of me every week to document the way my belly and our baby girl grew.  There’s no real good reason why it didn’t happen.  Except that I often have big plans, and they don’t always come to fruition… especially when they are for me.  If I promise something to other people, I usually follow through, but for some reason, I can’t do the same for myself.  All you therapists out there can tell me what that’s about.

Anyway, today he posted the final post of the series which is a stop-motion video of the whole process of making the series.  Check it out!

And if you like it, you should go back and look at the whole series.

Or this other maternity series he did for some of their other friends.

I think it’s a really fun and creative way to document pregnancy.  And these ladies are seriously beautiful pregnant people.  It might be easier if Joel had been the photographer instead of me.  I can only do so much to get a photo of my own belly…. 🙂

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