False Alarms or I Hate Braxton-Hicks

20 Sep

I have a little post about a minor scare we had last week, but I think I will save it until she is here, safe and sound. For some reason, it just seems weird to post it now. Suffice it to say, all is well, baby girl is fine and healthy, and has cute chubby cheeks and pouty lips according to the mini-ultrasound we had on Thursday.

I so thought we were having a baby on Saturday.

I started out the day with brunch with some girlfriends to celebrate Kelli’s new baby (our niece), Camryn. She’s about 10 weeks old now, and precious as can be. It was fun to see everyone, and I think we probably confused everyone in the restaurant, as about 6 of the 8 girls were either VERY pregnant or holding a baby. I realized that morning that I have entered an entire new part of my life… I will call it the “baby on my hip” part. Kind of a weird realization, but I’m ok with it.

When I got home, it seemed like a great idea to crawl back in bed for a nap, so that’s just what I did. And all afternoon, I was having contractions. They were about 40 minutes apart, literally all afternoon. I was excited, because it seemed like progress, but about 11:30 that night everything stopped. Dangit. Baby girl is a little tease… already.  We are in trouble.

So now, here we are, about 6 days from what the doctor calls our due date, and nothing. I know that most first babies don’t come early. I shouldn’t have ever thought she would, but man I was hoping. And so were a ton of other people. I feel like there was this expectation that we would have a baby this weekend. Part of that is my fault. But not all of it. I wish there was something I could do to speed up this process, but I can’t do a dang thing. If I could, she’d already be here. Promise.

I know that everyone is waiting for a phone call, a text, or a facebook message saying that we’re at the hospital. And that’s why I haven’t called or texted anyone in several days. We skipped church on Sunday because, even though I know they mean well, I can’t take one more “you haven’t had that baby yet??” or “think it might be today?” comment. I know people are just excited and we are too… Joel asks me at least once an hour if I’ve had any more contractions, as though I could hide them if they were for real.

I think I’m going into hiding until baby girl makes her appearance. Tomorrow I am going to the grocery to get a ridiculous list of ingredients to make a stupid amount of baked goods. Because if I don’t keep myself busy, I will go crazy. So I will bake. If you live in Raleigh, you may find yourself inheriting a bunch of baked items soon. And if you’re my sister, you just might find a care package at your doorstep too. And if you are our doctors and nurses at the hospital, whenever that happens, you will probably get lots of sugary treats for your efforts.

So if you need me over the next couple days, I will be baking.  Likely barefoot and pregnant… in the kitchen.  Wow.  I plan to try a few new things like scones and new muffins, and the old standards like banana bread.

If you have something to talk about besides the fact that I haven’t had this baby yet, feel free to call or come visit. Otherwise, I promise we will let you know, call, text, post pictures, etc, as soon as we can.

Just please don’t say to me “omg, you’re still pregnant???”. Consider this your friendly warning. 🙂

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