How Infants are Like Jiu-Jitsu… and other randomness

22 Oct

Leave it to my husband to equate babies to a sport.  Since I married Joel, I’ve heard about brazilian jiu-jitsu over and over (and over) again.  He loves to go up to his gym – Forged Fitness – and “beat up” other guys (or get beaten up as the case may be).  One of the things I’ve heard him mention more than once is that to be successful against your opponent you have to control their head and their hips.  After we were home from the hospital for a couple of days, Joel says to me: “You know, I’ve always been afraid to hold other people’s babies.  I didn’t know what to do, and I was afraid I’d drop them.  But I realized babies are really like jiu-jitsu… you just have to control their heads and their hips, and you’re good.”  I laughed for quite a while at this, but he is kind of right… I just never would have equated it to that sport.  That’s my husband for you…

Clara has decided that her new favorite game is trying to squirt whoever is changing her diaper with poop while the diaper is off.  Now, normally I would think its pretty gross, but for some reason I just find it hilarious.  One night, she had a particularly explosive poop, and despite having a wipe in his hand that he could have blocked it with, instead, Joel turned her and aimed it at me!  Luckily, he missed, but we had a great laugh about it, and I’ll never let him live down the fact that he tried to get Clara to poop on me.

In law school news, Joel had a midterm in one of his classes the week after Clara was born.  He tried his best to study, despite all the distractions that were going on.  And it paid off.  I’m proud to report that Joel got 34 of 35 questions right on that exam, tying with 3 others for the highest (or second highest, I can’t remember) grade in the class!!  Way to go, Love!  I’m so proud!

Remember this?  I love this movie, but this part is really my favorite – I’ve taken to calling Clara “my Squishy”, because she is so squishy and lovable.  I love our cuddle times… oh man.  Can’t believe that sooner than I like to think, she’ll be too big to want to cuddle with us.

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