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24 Nov

We’ve headed home to see my family for Thanksgiving.  It’s always nice to see family and catch up a bit.

As you can imagine, this year, we have many many things to be thankful for.  Well, we always do, but this year it’s a little more in-your-face, if you will.

In 2010, I’m thankful for:

  • a healthy, happy, beautiful baby girl
  • a loving husband
  • a new house and new neighbors
  • my family
  • my in-law family
  • a great church
  • friends who spend a friday night unpacking boxes for us in a new house
  • all our other friends too!
  • a job I love
  • my clients
  • amazing weather in NC in November
  • Campbell Law School
  • coffee
  • a warm bed to sleep in

And so so so much more.  And I’m thankful for you.  Thanks for stopping by and listening in on our crazy life.

Happy Thanksgiving!  What are you thankful for?

Freezer Paper Stencils

22 Nov

Before Clara was born and I had extra time to do crafty-type things, I was working on a project.  You might have seen it mentioned here.  I promised a tutorial, so I’m delivering on that…. finally.

This is a really easy, really fun project.  It’s great if you’re having a baby, or if you know someone who is, these make really great gifts!

Here’s what you will need:

  • Blank onesies (or t-shirts or whatever fabric you want to put your design on)
  • Any image you like (I got mine from google images and inspiration from blogs I follow)
  • Freezer Paper (I found it at Harris Teeter, after searching several other stores)
  • Pen or pencil
  • Exacto knife or scissors (depending on how complicated your design is)
  • Iron
  • Fabric paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Foil

So, I used white onesies, but you could use any color you like.  I’ve seen some cool bright colored ones at the Targets, or you could use t-shirts for older kiddos or adults.  Custom t-shirts for all!

What to do:

  1. Print out your image in black and white.

  2. Cut off a piece of freezer paper that’s big enough to cover your image, and have some leftover on the sides.
  3. Place freezer paper over the image (important: SHINY SIDE DOWN) and trace the design onto freezer paper.
  4. Use your exacto knife to cut out the image you’ve traced.
  5. Place the negative image (one on the left) onto the onesie in the location you desire.
  6. Iron it onto the onesie.  Use medium to high temperature.  If you have pieces that are independent from the main piece (like the center of the O lin LOVE), iron on the biggest piece/frame first, then fit in the others as you go.  Just double check that everything is stuck and the edges are well adhered before you are done with the iron.
  7. Take it back to your painting area, and use a paint brush, foam brush, or whatever kind of brush you like best, to apply the fabric paint of your choice. (I have heard that there is an additive you can put in regular paint to make it work like fabric paint as well – don’t know what it’s called, or what it really does, but if you have a stash of acrylic paint already, you might want to check it out.)
  8. Once your paint has dried, peel off the freezer paper.
  9. Give it 24 hours, then heat set the paint.  To do this, put an ironing cloth (or a pillow case or any spare fabric you have) over the painted area and iron it.  There are probably specific directions for this on the fabric paint bottle.

Here’s a picture of the finished product:

Then you’re done!  Have fun!

Playtime with Clara

18 Nov

I’ve spent the day hanging out with my girl, organizing the house, and prepping food for Joel’s birthday dinner tomorrow.  We’re having a few friends over for dinner to celebrate the big 3-1.

But in the middle of all that, I had some playtime with my Clara this morning.  And I even pulled out the camera, because clearly I haven’t done that enough. No really.  I’ve been very slack.  I have taken at least one picture a day with my iPhone.  While I’m glad to have them, they hardly compare to the photos I can take with my real camera.  So, today I started playing catch up.  I even edited them the same day.


A quick note of explaination – the gigantic bear in some of those pictures came from Kelli and Brandon.  They gave it to Clara before she was born, and I had this brilliant idea to use it as a scale for a picture of her each month.  Well, I was too out of it to do it when we got home from the hospital, and I missed the 1 month picture, but I thought I’d try it today, as it’s close to 2 months now (can you believe it??).  Clara FREAKED out, and wouldn’t stop crying.  I don’t know if she was scared of the bear, or if the fuzziness was just a weird feeling on her skin or what, but she cried and cried and cried.

And I took pictures anyway.  Cause I’m a mean mom like that.


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Welcome to Holly Springs!

18 Nov

Well, hello there.

A couple weeks ago I was so on a roll with posting on this blog.  3 posts in a week?!!

And then moving week came, and I don’t think I touched my computer for about 5 days straight.  Seriously, didn’t touch it.

It was kind of nice.  But let me fill you in on our week.

Monday I spent most of the day packing up the food from our pantry, our bathroom stuff, cleaning supplies, and some clothes.  I packed a bag with clothes for each of us so that we could find at least SOMETHING once everything was in boxes.  I went and bought paint for the living room wall, nursery, and dining room.

Tuesday we closed on the new house!  After closing, we came down here and started painting the accent wall in the living room.  The winning color?  Determined Orange!  We got about half of the wall painted that night, but with Clara with us, it was kind of difficult to get more than that completed.  With only half the wall done, I wasn’t sure about the color, but decided to finish painting it and live with it a while to see how it felt.

Because, you see, I have a problem.  I am a serial painter.  If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that right before Joel and I got married, we started to work on the house he owned.  One of our first projects? Painting the downstairs.  I picked out what I thought would be a beautiful combination of navy blue for the kitchen and butter yellow for the living room/dining room.  But once they were on the walls, it looked more like primary colors in a kids daycare than navy and butter.

I hated it.  And I cried.

And then we picked out new paint.  Dark grey for the kitchen, white paint for the cabinets, and green for the rest.  And it was much better.  Some people thought I was crazy for painting the cabinets, and I get that.  But they were cheapo builder spec cabinets and looked terrible, so I didn’t feel too bad about it.  It was a much bigger project than I expected, but eventually we got it done.

Anyway, back to the present.

Wednesday I packed some more, and my dad came to Raleigh in the afternoon.  We loaded up some things and came down to the house.  Once the orange was done, it looked much better, and I love it.  Love it.  Bravo to Candice Lanning for suggesting that color.  It’s beautiful!  We worked at the house until about 9, and headed back to Raleigh.

Thursday was packing day.  Joel headed off to school, and my dad came down here to work on some more things.  Three dudes from Allied moving showed up at my door at about 8:30.  They were super nice, and after a quick tour of the house, got right to work.  And let me tell you, they work fast!  Everything in the whole house was in boxes by 12:30!!  Our friend Debby came to help supervise the packers when I had to leave at 11 to be at the new house for the tv, phone, and internet guys to come hook everything up.  We spent the rest of the day working on taping Clara’s room and the dining room along with a few other things.

Friday was moving day.  The Allied guys came and carried all our stuff up our steep driveway and onto the truck.  They had it all done by about 12:30, and were off on their way to the new house.  There’s still a lot of work to be done at the old house – patching nail holes, touching up paint, repainting a couple of rooms, and general cleaning.  But I’m so glad to be out of there.

Joel recruited some friends to come help us unbox after the movers finished unloading, and by the end of the night on Friday we had maybe 15 boxes left in the whole house.  Thanks for the help if you came by that night!  We appreciate it!  I was completely exhausted, and probably not very social, so sorry about that.

As a side note, the paint we used was from Sherwin-Williams.  Never again.

Seriously, never again.  Their top of the line paint took 5 coats to cover in both the living room and the dining room, and not once did their employees ever suggest that I use a primer.  I picked their paint, thinking that they are a professional paint store – it should be good stuff.  But really, it just turned out to be expensive, and frustrating.

I’m tempted to write one of those letters to the store manager.  You know, the kind they get and never read.  But for some reason it makes you feel better.

Or not.

Anyway, our families were here to help us over the weekend, and we never could have gotten everything done without them.  Including the 11 coats of paint that were required to paint the dining room, accent wall in living room, and Clara’s room.  That’s right.  So thanks, parentals!  We love you!

I love Holly Springs so far!  We aren’t too far from Raleigh to get back when we need to, and in Apex, there’s a whole shopping center full of just about everything you could ever want.  We’ve met most of our direct neighbors, and they are super nice.  One of them even brought us brownies.  I can’t remember the last time I knew my neighbors.  Well, that’s a lie.  I can.  It was when I was a kid in Wilmington.  The elderly lady next door was really sweet, and my great aunt and uncle lived down the street.  But all my friends lived in a neighborhood across town.  I’m looking forward to having conversations with my neighbors as I go out to get the mail, inviting them over for dinner, having our kids play together…



ps. pictures of the new house to come.  there is NOTHING on the walls yet… but if I wait for that, you may never see pictures.  I have this theory.  Once you get all the pictures hung, that’s when you move again…

November Goals

2 Nov

It’s a new month, and there’s a ton going on.  I thought it would be good to set up some goals for myself for the month.

  • Close on our new house
  • Paint dining room, nursery, and living room accent wall in new house
  • Orchestrate a successful move next week
  • Snuggle with my Clara
  • Send out birth announcements
  • Finish up thank you notes
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving with family

Happy November, y’all!


Yesterday or Crying Over Spilled Milk

2 Nov

Yesterday was kinda one of those days.

You know the kind.  Nothing really goes right.  You screw something up.  You forget things.  It seems like the world is conspiring against you.  But mostly you screw things up.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Clara woke up at 5am for a feeding.  No problem.  Part of being a mom.  Except that I had just gotten up to pump about an hour before.  So I had to go warm up a bottle for her.  And by the time it was ready she was mad, mad, MAD.  But she ate, and went back to bed without too much fuss, and I crawled back in mine around 6.

That’s when I realized that my alarm was going to emit that terrible beeping sound at 7am.  One short hour away.  So, rather than sleep that extra hour I decided I would do something I don’t get to do very often these days.  Shower.

As an aside – being a mom has resulted in a sharp decline in my level of personal cleanliness.  Nothing gross, I’m just saying.  I don’t always get to brush my teeth in the morning anymore.  Sometimes I forget to eat.  Or just plain don’t have time to do it.  I might go a couple days between showers.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to do those little things that make you feel more like a human.  They say that this gets better.  I hope so.

So I took a gloriously long shower, got dressed and even put on makeup.  The reason behind all this – we were having an inspection on the new house at 9am.  So I had to get me and Clara down to Holly Springs in time for that.  No problem.  We got there, and sitting in the car in front of the house, I watched dump trucks driving in and dropping off dirt.  They are grading the back yard for us before closing.  I sat there until Clara started to complain that she was hungry.  By the time I was done feeding her, it was well past an excusable time to be late, and still no inspector.  So I called up our agent, only to find that the inspection was actually scheduled for 2pm.  Hahaha.

I went off to explore Holly Springs and Apex for a bit, and then headed home.

A few other random and seemingly insignificant things happened in the afternoon, including not being able to find my one pair of jeans that fit when I needed to leave the house.

We had a lovely evening, and then after I fed Clara, I went to pump again.  And as I was getting up to put the milk in the fridge, I spilled about half of it all over the table.  I know.  It’s just milk.  But it seems like more than that.

When you have to get up in the middle of the night.  When you make such an effort to get that milk in that bottle.  It seems like more than that.

Call me crazy.  It’s probably true.

But I cried,  Over spilled milk.


Tears.  Because of milk.  Yep.

At any rate, it really is much more comical today, after a bit of sleep.  Funny how time and rest put such a different perspective on things.

We have an appointment with the pediatrician today, and it will be interesting to see how much she has grown.  She’s just so skinny, it doesn’t seem like she’s gaining any weight.  But according to Joel’s tape measure (super accurate – haha), she’s about 2.5″ longer than when she was born.  She just doesn’t have those typical baby fat rolls… she’s keeping her chicken legs and skinny arms.  We will see what they say.

I had someone ask about the freezer paper stencils I did, so I will work on getting that post up.  Such a fun project!!

I love these two people.

Happy Tuesday, all.