2 Months and the First Law School Finals Week

8 Dec

That’s right, my munchkin is 2 months old.  Actually, she’s 2.5 months now, but who’s counting?

Pediatricians like to see kids when they are 2 months old, apparently.  Along with a lot of other month-mile-markers.  It’s kinda fun.  You get a chance to see how your baby is growing.  In Clara’s case, at 10lbs 5 oz, and 22.25″ long, she’s growing well.  She has a big head – in the 85th percentile – which you don’t really notice until you look at how tiny her bottom half is or put her beside a kid with a normal sized head.  It’s kind of hilarious actually.

The other thing that happens at these appointments is vaccinations.  She had her 2nd dose of Hep B at her one month appointment, and it didn’t seem to bother her too much.  She was just extra snuggly.

I didn’t mind that a bit.

So I was completely unprepared for what happened when we went in for her 2 month appointment.  She got 2 shots and the oral rotavirus immunization.

And her face turned every shade of red you can imagine.

And she didn’t breathe for 20 seconds.

Because that is how angry she was.  Ohhhh she was not happy.  Not ONE little bit.

So we took her to Target.  Because Target makes everything better, right?  Well, I guess she hasn’t learned that lesson yet.  Our visit to Target and a ride in the shopping cart worked temporarily, and she slept for about 2 hours, and then she woke up A.N.G.R.Y.  That’s when we started the Tylenol.  You know, Tylenol takes entirely too long to kick in.  They should really work on that.

My sweet, mild-mannered, happy baby became a very unhappy, sad baby who didn’t know what had happened.  You could hear it in her cry – what happened to my world, and whyyyyy?

The timing of this appointment was extremely poor planning on my part, because it fell right smack in the middle of Joel’s final exams.  His first semester’s final exams.  Law exams.

I’m not sure I quite understood what exam time would mean for our little family.  As it turns out, it means that Joel disappears for 2 weeks to study – holed up in the office or the bedroom with books, flash cards, and notes – and Clara and I hang out.  That could be fun actually, for a little while.  But not knowing this, I scheduled photo shoots and other things to happen this week.  Things for which I needed to have Joel watch Clara.

Thank goodness that Pam came in on Wednesday and was able to stay and help me with Clara while Joel studied.  And even more because Clara was just miserable for about 3 days.

I have to say, I am a believer in vaccines.  I know there are other opinions out there, and I suppose you’re entitled to your opinion as well.  But I think that if it is possible to remove the threat of diseases that kill people, then it’s worth a few days of sad baby.  It breaks my heart to see her in pain, but it would be even worse to lose her to something that could be prevented.

So, lessons learned here?
1. Do not, under any circumstances, schedule Clara’s shots during exams.
2. When she does have them, clear my schedule for 3-4 days, knowing that I will need to focus on her.
3. When Joel has exams, plan for his mom or my mom or someone to come and help me with Clara.  Or go on a trip somewhere.

As far as exams go, I think Joel is doing pretty well.  He has been working so hard, and I couldn’t be more proud of the effort he’s putting into it.  We’ve learned some lessons about being prepared for any circumstance.  You should always take your computer in case the professor forgets to leave bluebooks, and take pens and pencils both.  You know, just to be prepared.  Also, he should be doing more during the semester to outline his notes, create flash cards, and just generally be studying more in addition to completing assignments so that the end of the semester isn’t quite as stressful.

But you live and learn, right?

Law school and parenthood are definitely learning experiences.  We try something, find it doesn’t work as well as we wanted it to, and try something else.  Or we luck out and find something that works well the first time, only to find it doesn’t work the next time.  It seems like life is that way sometimes.

My Clara is back to being her normal, beautiful, happy, mild-mannered self, and I’m so glad!  And we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of exams as well.  His 4th one is this morning – Contracts – and then there are only 2 more left.  We’re going to celebrate when they’re done!


In other news, how is it that Folgers always has the ability to make holiday commercials that make me cry.  Dangit.

One Response to “2 Months and the First Law School Finals Week”

  1. Kelli December 8, 2010 at 11:37 pm #

    Next time for Clara’s vaccines give her a dose of Tylenol about 30 minutes before her appointment, that way it has time to kick in before she gets so angry! That’s what our pediatrician in Memphis told us to do, and it seemed to help.

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