Que Hora Es?

1 Jan

I’m not much of one for perusing YouTube for hours and hours on end, finding much hilarity and lots of crazy people.  I leave that to my husband usually.  But this week while we were at the beach, Joel’s cousin, Julia, was telling us about a series of videos called Que Hora Es? (pardon me that I don’t have the question mark at the beginning of that question. I don’t feel like figuring it out at the moment.)

So anyway, back to the story…  Julia is living in Mexico right now, working as an administrator at an American school there.  She seems to really love it.  She’s been learning a ton of Spanish, which I can’t speak at all, but can sometimes understand because I took French in high school and college.  It’s fun to try and translate.  At any rate, she was telling us about these videos, which are basically like Mexican soap operas using spanish that you might learn in 4th grade.  You know, the most basic of basic phrases.

And it is hilarious.

So, here it is, for your viewing pleasure: Que Hora Es?

There are more episodes, but this is the one we started with. I don’t know, but I just find it hilarious. I hope you enjoy…

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