2010 In Review + 2011 Goal Setting

6 Jan

It seems the thing to do the first few days of the new year… review the last year and look forward on what I want to do with the next one. Everyone’s doing it. So I’m jumping on the bandwagon, I guess.

2010 was a crazy year for us. Here’s the quick recap:

Just about a year ago we found out I was pregnant. And our lives changed forever.
We were also waiting to hear about Joel’s law school applications. A week or so after discovering we were pregnant, we also go his acceptance letter to Campbell’s law school.

The next few months seem like a bit of a blur, but somewhere in there I started this blog, quit my part time job, and started making decorations for Clara’s room.

Over the summer I shot a ton of weddings and got a lot of comments like “Wow, you’re about to pop!” and “This must be your last wedding, huh?” But mostly, people were super nice, and the staff at several of the venues were really great about making sure that I had plenty of water to drink, which I am not always good about.

I took September and October off for maternity leave, and Clara showed up (finally) on September 27. Recovering from delivery took a while for me. I admire those of you who bounce back super quick and look like nothing ever happened to you. I remember a lot of people telling me I looked good, but it was all an act. Makeup can do wonders. And since I still look about 5 months pregnant, I think they were just being nice. But thanks, folks.

Since we’re completely insane, and having a baby while in the first semester of law school wasn’t enough for us to have on our plates, we decided to move as well. We’re now in Holly Springs in a fabulous house that I could live in the rest of my life and be happy. This place is awesome, and I love it so much! Our neighbors are super nice. I’ve never lived in a place where you talk to your neighbors when you go out to get the mail, they bring you cookies or brownies when you move in, they offer to take in your packages and collect your mail for you while you’re out of town. It’s really so nice.

For the holidays we headed to Iowa, Greenville, and Holden Beach, and it was great to see family and friends and celebrate Christmas with everyone. I am so glad to finally be home though, and I’m trying to make this week a productive one before Joel heads back to school on Monday. Speaking of the holidays and school – I have two or three posts coming up on those topics. Also, a post on our little trip to the pediatric dermatologist for the spot on Clara’s head. Stay tuned.

So here we are, 2010 is history, and 2011 is in full force! I can’t really believe it – the last few months of 2010 flew by so quickly I can’t even really remember them. That could be partially because of mommy brain… but still. Clara’s 14 weeks old now, and she’s growing so fast. The 3 month mark really is magical. She was adorable before, but she is starting to grab and play with toys, giggle a bit, and jabbering up a storm! I don’t even know what happened to my tiny baby girl…

So, what’s next for 2011? I don’t really do resolutions. I always break them. But I do love goals. Resolutions seem so much like rules – don’t drink soda, lose 15 lbs – and when I don’t meet/follow them I feel like I’ve failed and I give up. Goals are something to work toward. Much more positive. So my goals for 2011 go a little something like this (in no particular order):

– Get back in shape. To do this, I have several sub-goals.
1. Start and complete the Couch to 5K program. (Tomorrow is Week 1, Day 3)
2. Run in a 5K race. (Maybe a 10K race as well. I have no desire to run any farther than that. At least not at this point.)
3. Get back to Crossfit. (I’m giving myself until the end of this month – trying to work out every day to get back in some sort of shape before I go                             back there.)
4. Mix in weight workouts. (This is starting today. Think circuit workout, kinda.)

– Take time for myself. Read, create, be inspired, relax. This is hard for me to do. Especially when I’m trying to keep the pressure off of Joel so he can concentrate on school. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for me. But to keep myself sane, I have to try.

– Complete my 365 Days of Clara project. Maybe continue it for a second year. I’m loving it so far, and I can’t wait to put together a book for the whole year. (Hope you’re not tired of it yet, facebook and twitter friends)

– Be intentional with friends. Having a lot less time on my hands and living a bit farther away now, I’m finding I have to be much more intentional about hanging out with friends. I don’t mind that, I just have to remember, it’s important to make that time. Relationships are important. Friends, you are important to me. I miss your faces. Let’s hang out.

– Go on dates. This is also harder since Clara came along. But Joel and I have talked so many times about making sure that our relationship is the focus and not our kids. Kids are great, they deserve time and attention, but our marriage is really important to us too. So we need to make some time for just the two of us. Somehow. I think the beginning of that is a date night. We’re starting a “kid exchange program” with Kelli and Brandon so we can go out on dates at least once a month, and so can they.

– Get the house done. This has several sub-goals as well.
1. Hang pictures on the walls. In Clara’s room, create more paintings for the walls. So much more wall space.
2. Create a frame/art wall in the entryway. It’s a blank canvas just begging for something fun!
3. Paint our bathroom. Maybe a nice calming shade of grey/slate blue?
4. Fix up my craft room. Put all extra stuff away, and make a place where I can work on projects. Or at least spread them out.
5. Get some area rugs. Clara will be crawling before we know it. And then walking. Oh dear, and then driving. We need something softer than                             hardwood floors for her to fall on. Those inevitable falls.
6. Get bedroom furniture. Yahoo! I ordered this today! No more dorm room master bedroom!  I would like to have made it myself, but there just isn’t                     time, if it’s ever going to get done.  So, I just bought some instead.  Photos to come.

– Shoot some killer weddings! I have 9 on the books right now, I’m hoping for about 10 more (or more!) for next year. I would love to be shooting lots of great weddings. Also, I’d love to shoot some different traditional weddings as well. For example, I would really really love to shoot an Indian wedding or a Chinese wedding or a Jewish wedding. If you know someone doing a different style of wedding, please, oh please, tell them about me! I would love to photograph it! I’ll travel anywhere!!


There are a ton more things I want to accomplish, but this is a good start.  I’m going to try and keep you updated on this.  If you’re interested, that is.

Today? Today I’m going to get dressed, brush my teeth (it’s the little things, people) meet some friends for lunch, drop off a fun package to another friend, feed and change Clara countless times, buy some more yarn, make dinner, hang a shelf in our entryway, take out the trash, finish laundry and maybe start on another hat.  Little goals make big progress.  I’m just gonna take it day by day.

Here’s to a great 2011!  What are your goals??

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