Downstairs Bathroom Plans

21 Mar

So, now that I’ve gotten the downstairs living areas mostly complete, it’s time to start working on a few of the other areas.

Next up: the downstairs half-bath.  Here’s what it looks like right now:

I found the towel, a rug in a similar color green, and this soap dispenser at (where else?) Tar-jay.  It seems to be coming together, so I think I’ll go with that color scheme.

All that remains is to pick a paint color and get a canvas printed and hung on the wall.  There’s already a lot of color downstairs, and I like soft colors in bathrooms, so here are my choices:

The light is really yellow in the room, so it’s hard to get the colors exactly true on camera, but these are pretty close.

Over New Years, when we were at the beach, there was one particularly foggy morning, so I went out with my camera.  It was just the sort of scene I had envisioned for a print in this room – soft, grey, and foggy.

Next up, the bedroom!

One Response to “Downstairs Bathroom Plans”

  1. Ginny March 22, 2011 at 11:41 am #

    Love this a lot. And I like this series of posts! I think I might have to tag on and start one too, since hopefully I will be decorating our rooms too!

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