Dear Clara – 6 months

28 Mar

Dear Clara,

Today you are 6 months old. (Well, really it was yesterday, but who’s keeping track?)

I am kind of in shock.

Everyone told me that it would go by so fast, but I guess I just didn’t actually believe them.  Some days it seems like the time drags by, but other days I think back, and I can’t even remember when you were so tiny you fit on my chest, or looked like a tiny little baby doll in your car seat.

These days you are getting so big!  You are so tall, and your feet stick out of the end of your little car seat now.  You’re still really skinny, but boy are you strong!  Your little shoulder muscles are defined, and you still have that baby six pack.  (And I’m still jealous of it!)

You got your second tooth on Friday (3.25.11).  It bothered you a lot more than the first one, and we had a couple days of you being kinda miserable.  Those little frozen teethers seemed to help, and you had a great time dropping them all over the floor for me to pick up.

You’ve been eating solid foods for a couple months now, and you love it!  When I feed you something you really like, you definitely let me know!  You say “mmmmm” and “nom nom nom” and open your mouth for another bite before I can even get it back to the bowl.  Your favorites are carrots, pears, acorn squash, and apples.  You also really like smashed bananas and avocados.  You tolerated peas for a while, but now when I try to feed them to you, you will take one bite, make a yucky face, shiver, and refuse to eat any more.  Green beans aren’t much better.  You are definitely developing opinions about these things.

You have started sitting up on your own, too.  That really started last Monday (3.14.11).  It’s amazing how much better you get at it every single day.  The first day you could sit up for about a minute at a time, and then the next day it was about 5 minutes, and now you can sit up for 20-30 minutes before your gigantic head makes you topple over.  You still don’t really roll over – you’re just content to be where you are.  You love to play in your exersaucer, and that can keep you occupied for a while these days.

I think you might be a singer someday.  You love to make all kinds of noises, but your favorite is the “brrrrr” noise you make by making your lips buzz.  You vary your tone up and down just like a singer.  Once you learned to do that, you started making all kinds of other noises, too.  It’s so fun to hear you babble and talk to yourself.  I love to talk back to you, and we still have those long conversations every day.

Everyone always talks about how good you are, how happy you are, and how cute you are.  I tell them that you like to show off for strangers.  But you really are good, happy, and definitely cute!

You had your first taste of lemon last Friday, and let me tell you, your reaction was hilarious!  I wish we had started taping at the very beginning, because that reaction was best, but here is what we got: (I can’t get this to embed for some reason 😦  click the link below to see both videos…)

You smile a lot, it’s how you tell people hello, but you’re pretty discerning with your laughter.  Every now and then we get a good giggle out of you, and we can’t help but record that, too.

(Clara videos)

As you can see, I would do just about anything to hear that laugh.  Even make a fool of myself.  But you know, somehow it doesn’t seem as silly when you’re with me.  I get a free pass to be ridiculous by having a kid, and that’s pretty cool.

You do some funny things when you sleep.  You always put your hands on your head and rub your hair.  And you will do this thing where you pick both your feet up and SLAM them into the mattress.  I think this is how you have kept your baby six pack.  Can you teach me how to do this in my sleep, too?  When you wake up you play in your crib for a while, making noises and practicing your singing, and sometimes sucking on your toes, even when you’re wearing footie pajamas.  Silly.  It’s one of my favorite things to do in the morning – listen to you talk to yourself as you wake up.  And then the best part is when I go in to get you out of bed, when you see me you freeze for a second and then give me the biggest grin.  It’s awesome.

You know your daddy, and you get really excited when you hear his voice.  Your eyes get all big and your arms and legs go straight and you shake them because you’re so excited.

Your favorite toys right now are your stuffed owl, the stuffed cardinal we got you in Florida, your indestructible books, my necklaces, and pretty much anything you can put in your mouth.  You also really love to pull my hair.  You pull my hair really hard.  That hurts, and I’d really appreciate it if you’d stop that, ok?  Ok.

When I have to work, you and your daddy usually watch sports.  You loved football season.  You were a little less interested in basketball.  Now it’s baseball season.  I hope you love it, because mommy has lots of weddings this summer, and you and daddy will be hanging out on Saturdays a lot.  You will need to like baseball.  At least for a little while. (Or you could just take a nap during the games, and that would probably be ok, too.  Shhhh, don’t tell daddy I told you, but you probably won’t miss much. Plus, he’ll wake you up with his yelling and cheering if anything exciting happens.)

You crack me up when I take a big breath to blow raspberries on your belly.  You anticipate and start laughing your little silent laugh as your eyes get all big.  You also smile really big when I blow air in your face.  This fun game keeps you occupied when we’re out shopping.

Tonight you decided that you wanted to add to this blog post.  This is what you had to say:  ybygu hhejtug j.iu6tbe x
Nice.  Well said.

Clara, you’re an awesome little girl.  Daddy and I love you very much.  I hope you know that.  Keep growing up big and strong.

Happy half-birthday, lovie!

Mommy and Daddy

2 Responses to “Dear Clara – 6 months”

  1. @shellyeve March 28, 2011 at 1:00 pm #

    beautiful post – she will be so happy to read back on all this great info one day! also beautiful pictures. and your shenanigans to make her laugh definitely made me laugh too! ha – way to spread the cheer! 🙂

  2. Cynthia Stuckey March 30, 2011 at 3:45 pm #

    Hi there! I came here through Casey’s Blog Party. Your sweet little Clara is beautiful!

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