Baby Sling

9 Apr

I was hoping that today’s weather would be sunny and beautiful, but no such luck.  Since it was a dreary day, I decided to do a few crafty things around the house that I’ve been wanting to do.

One of those things was to remake my baby sling.  My friend, Melissa, helped me make it not too long after Clara was born.  It’s great, except for my choice of fabrics.  The one I originally chose was really thick and had some spandex in the mix somewhere, so it was pretty stretchy.  The way this one works, you can pull on each side and the middle separately to tighten and adjust how the baby sits in there.  But with the stretchiness of the fabric, the fabric would stretch out instead of adjusting in the rings.  So, I decided to take the rings off the old sling and use some new, non-stretchy fabric to re-make it.

Here’s the old one.

So I just got out my seam ripper and took out the one major seam and took the rings off.

And then I got started on the other sling.  This is just a piece of cotton broadcloth.  It’s about 2 feet wide and probably 4 or 5 feet long.  I made it extra long so I could add pockets at the end.  I hemmed each edge.

To get it ready for the rings, here is what you do:

Find the center (fold it long-wise and press a crease in the center to make it easier, then unfold)
Fold each edge to that center mark.

The fold to the center one more time.  You will end up with a long, skinny folded piece of fabric.



Then pin all that down and sew right across the top.  (Only sew one short edge – the other one will remain open.)

Then you’ll end up with something that looks like this:

Slide the rings over and fold that end over a few inches.  I think mine is about 3-4 inches here.

Pin it like this.  And then sew across again.

That’s it for the ring end.  Now, the other end.  This is totally optional.  You can just be done at this point if you want.  I wanted to add some pockets so I can use this to throw my wallet and keys in and just run into the store if I need to make a quick trip.  On the last sling, I just folded up the end and sewed a few lines down the edges and the middle of it to make some pockets.  This time, I thought I’d try to get a bit fancier.  I had a bit of flannel leftover from another (unfinished) project, so I thought I’d use that.  I cut it about the height I wanted the pockets and folded over the top and hemmed it.  Then I placed it on the bottom edge of the sling and folded enough over onto the back side that I could sew it down.  Pin and sew.

The I folded over the side, trimmed, pinned, and sewed that as well.  Repeat for other side.

Then I sewed a few lines down the middle making a total of 4 pockets (you could do as many as you want), trim all the strings, and voila!  A sling!  So easy!

One Response to “Baby Sling”

  1. Heather April 10, 2011 at 10:39 pm #

    Awesome tutorial! And your photographs are excellent. I just need another baby now…

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