7 Months, and counting…

27 Apr

Today, Clara is 7 months old.

In honor of the big day, she decided to wake up at midnight and each subsequent hour until 4:15, at which point she stayed awake for at least an hour, and then again each hour until finally waking for the day at 7:30.  I guess she was so excited she couldn’t sleep.  Me, on the other hand? Not so excited about being up all night.

Today I am doing several things:

– Raising her exersaucer to the next height adjustment.  She is too tall for the lowest setting now.
– Baking muffins for Joel’s exam weeks so he’ll have breakfast while I am out of town. (Clara and I are escaping for the majority of the exam torture.  Mom and Dad are excited to see her for several days, and I will have built in babysitters for my wedding this weekend. Win-win.)
– Cooking several dinners, again so he will have something to eat while I’m gone and not have to order pizza every day.
– Having lunch with some long lost friends.  Well, not really lost… just long-time-no-see friends.
– Craft and Fabric store-ing.  I’ve finally decided on a piece of art to make for the living room wall by the TV, and I need some cording to finish up a quilt I’m working on.  My first one.  And it has been done twice now because I didn’t know the cardinal rule of quilting is to cut your pieces accurately and straight.  Live and learn.
– Photo shoot for Clara’s 7 months.  Maybe I’ll get some fun fabric at the store to use as a backdrop.  And then to make her a dress from?  Or something fun like that.
– Doing laundry so I can re-pack again… did I mention that I hate packing.  It’s maybe the worst part of going on a trip.

Oh, and in other news, Clara can now feed herself.  She’s been enjoying puffs for a while now, but we had to feed them to her.  She would just open her  mouth and eat them from our hands like a little birdie.  I’d usually put some on her tray to keep her occupied while I got her food ready.  Today I did just that, and happened to glance up as she picked one up and put it right into her mouth.  Happy 7 month birthday, Clara.  Way to show off.
Just ignore my terrible high-pitched baby voice please…

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