Long time, no see…

27 Apr

Well, hello there.

Since we’ve last talked I’ve taken a trip to Iowa, we’ve had a tornado, and another trip to Miami, with trips to Charlotte and Wilmington in between for photo shoots.  Whew!

No wonder I couldn’t keep up.

More on that later, though.  There’s quite a story for each!

Let’s talk about dinner.  What did you make tonight?  I was uninspired until I took a peek in the freezer and found some mahi mahi fillets I picked up at Target a while back, and remembered a recipe Beth told me about while we were in Miami.  I think Mark (her husband) uses tilapia, but since I have mahi, that is what we will had tonight.  Baked with pesto, served with a salad.  Yummy, and healthy!  And even Joel ate it… and he doesn’t eat seafood except sushi (only tuna and salmon), and the occasional specially cooked shrimp (Jon Gould’s prosciutto wrapped boursin cheese shrimp).  That is amazing!

I’ll leave you with a few photos and a promise to write again soon.  No really.  I will.

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a bathing suit??

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