Oh Banjo!

9 May

My family has always been full of musicians.  My grandpa and all his siblings are all so incredibly musically talented.  Piano, guitar, banjo, fiddle, autoharp, dulcimer, vocals… pretty much anything you can think of, they can play it.

When I was in high school, PopPop gave me one of his guitars and I sorta kind learned how to play it.  I know a bunch of chords, but could never really put them all together well enough to actually play a recognizable song.  He gave my sister a fiddle, and she did much better – participating in orchestra from middle school on.  He had so many instruments, and kept them all in beautiful condition.

Well, when my mom cleaned out his house after he passed away, she brought back all of his instruments.  I think there were several guitars, a banjo, some fiddles, and various other instruments.  When I was home last week, we decided to change the strings on the guitars and try to change the banjo strings as well.  Guitars I was confident about – I’ve done that before, but the banjo was a little intimidating.  We actually never did get those changed, but Clara wasn’t intimidated by the banjo at all.

Do we have a budding musician in our midst??

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