We’ve Surely Got Trouble…

14 May

…Right here in river city…

(name that musical!)

I learned the hard way a couple days ago that when a baby gets quiet, it’s probably because she’s getting into trouble.

I’d fed Clara dinner the other night, rice cereal with bananas.  She didn’t eat all of it, so there was a nice half a bowl or so left over.  I stuck it in the cup holder on her high chair tray, turned her chair around so she could see Joel, and gave her a few cheerios to play with while I worked on something else.  For a few minutes she was making noise and talking to Joel, and then it got really quiet.

You don’t really notice it at first.  And then all of a sudden it hits you – the little creature that is constantly making one noise or another is suddenly silent.

This cannot be good.

Joel noticed it first, and turned around to see Clara, who had managed to reach the bowl of cereal on the tray, pulled it toward her, and dumped it all over the tray and her lap.  She then proceeded to play in it, and rub it all over her face and splash in it on the tray.

When I saw it, I could hardly keep myself from laughing.

We just picked her up and dropped her in the bath – clothes, diaper, and all.  Doesn’t she look so innocent?  Little angel…

And all that was well and good until I realized she had a dirty diaper. So, the tub got drained, cleaned,  and another bath.

And so it begins… I’m sure this is just the first of many mischievous acts… Stay tuned.

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