Saturdays off = Fun Days!

23 Jul

Today I have a day off!  I love my job, but every now and then, a day off (on the weekend when everyone else also has a day off) is much needed!

We are having a family fun day, which so far includes making ice cream (2 kinds!), making salsa verde, and wishing it wasn’t so hot so we could go outside and enjoy our ice cream without melting.  Us, not the ice cream.

See, Joel used to make ice cream in college.  It was how he impressed the girls.  Almost 5 years later (almost 4 married), he’s never made me ice cream.  Don’t ask me how he hooked me without using his go-to trick… I guess I didn’t play hard enough to get.  Even though I said no the first time he asked me out.  (Funny, but it seems that a lot of the successful relationships I know have a similar story…)

I always give him a hard time about never having made me ice cream when I’ve heard so much from his old college friends about how amazing it was.  So when I was making our “make the most of the 4 weeks of summer that we will have since law school is a suck on all your time and fun” list, him making me ice cream was at the top!

Like most things we cook/make/bake, we start with a recipe, but make our own adjustments along the way.  We’re not afraid to experiment with a recipe – I think it’s more fun that way.  So when we get to that “perfect ice cream” goal, I’ll post our recipes and tell you what we did.  It’s sure to be a tasty experiment and a fun Saturday.  I hope yours is fun too!


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