Dear Clara (10 months)

2 Aug

Dear Clara,

You’re 10 months old now, and even in just the last month, you have all kinds of new skills and tricks that you like to show off.  It’s amazing how quickly you learn, and how we can see improvement in those skills literally from day to day.

You’ve started walking.  Yep.  You heard me right.  You’re a walker.  At first you would only walk between me and your daddy.  And when you got close you would launch yourself forward, so we had to keep a real good eye on you to make sure that we caught you when you decided to faceplant into the floor.  It’s funny.  Something that we grown-ups do every day, but it’s so thrilling to watch you learning how to take these steps that one day will become so normal.  When you’ve made it from one of us over to the other, you like to look back at where you started, grin real big, and clap for yourself.  And of course we clap and cheer, too.  Now you will stand up by yourself and start walking over to another object.  Your steps are a bit wobbly, and you kind of look like you’re milk-drunk, but it’s awesome.  You can go a pretty long way by yourself if one of us stands in front of you and backs up as you get closer.  You walked all the way across the living room the other day.

In the past few weeks, you’ve decided that I’m really funny.  You laugh a lot more, and think that my silly faces are hilarious.  You love to play in the corner of the couch and I’ll pile the pillows on top of you and you just crack up.  You peek out from behind them and giggle when you see me looking at you.  It’s really fun.

You and the giant bear have become the best of friends.  Long way from when you were petrified of him.  You walk over to him, fall on top of his tummy and growl at him.  And sometimes you’ll lay your head down on his belly and wait until one of us says, “Awwwww” and then you laugh.  Yeah, it’s pretty sweet.  You’ve even started saying the “aww” for yourself if we don’t do it quickly enough.

You’ve started making this funny face… I find it absolutely hilarious, but I’m not sure where you picked it up.  You purse your lips and make a zoolander-type face.  I don’t know if you will have seen that movie by the time you read these letters… maybe we’ll have to save a copy for you just so you can see it and understand what I mean.

You are not content to play by yourself most of the time.  I sit on the floor with you and play a lot.  You play and play and play until you are completely worn out and almost passing out.  I wonder where you got that from…  And when I take you to your room to put you to bed, if the lights are out and the noise machine is on, you know exactly what is coming, and you arch your back and put your hands on your head before I even get you in the crib.  You almost never complain about going to sleep, and almost always fall asleep right away.  You do like to make laps around your crib at night though.  I always put you in the back right corner when you go to bed, and often we’ll find you in one of the other corners or at the opposite end of your crib the next morning.

Your hair is finally starting to grow in, so much more in the last month, and it’s blonde and curly in the back.  I’m a sucker for curly hair, so I hope it stays that way for a while.

In a couple weeks, you’ll be having surgery.  You have a little spot just over your right ear that the dermatologist thinks we should get removed.  So, on August 11, we’ll be making a trip to UNC Hospital for the surgeon to take off that spot.  I really hope they don’t have to shave too much of your hair off… but overall, I guess that’s a silly thing for me to worry about, huh?  We’ll just be there for the morning, and should be on the way home shortly after your surgery is over.  I’ll take pictures so we can tell you about it later, because I’m sure you won’t remember.  And I’m glad you won’t.

You’re teething again.  I have no idea which teeth are coming in this time.  You’ve not been eating as much as normal, and you are kinda fussy during the day and not sleeping very well at night.  But you won’t let me look in your mouth to see which ones might be bothering you.  I even tried putting chocolate syrup on my finger, but you were having none of it.

You have finally started saying “mama,” though I’m not sure you use it to call me.  It’s more just your babble sound.

Anytime you hear music you start to dance… well, really it’s more of a bouncing up and down and waving your hands in the air.  But it’s real cute.

Yesterday you made your first attempt at the stairs.  You made it all the way to the top, all by yourself.  And you didn’t use your knees to crawl up, either.  For most of the steps, you got your foot all the way up to the next step and used your big muscles to pull yourself up.  You are one strong little girl.


Your daddy bought you this walker toy a couple of weeks ago.  At first you were only interested in the fun buttons and songs that it sings.  But then you discovered it has another function… and now you are all over the place with this thing.


This is maybe one of my favorite videos of you.  You had pulled out all the laundry from the basket of clean and *ahem* folded laundry. (You can feel free to applaud.  Never mind that it never got put away.  It was clean and folded.  That is what counts.)  Anyway, you found this sock, and you thought it was hilarious to throw it on my face and then crack up.

You’re growing up so fast, munchkin.  You could maybe slow it down a little, ok?  Just a tad.


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