Law School Year 1 (and summer school) Round Up

8 Aug

Well, we did it.

We survived the first year.  They say the first year is the hardest.  Whoever “they” are, I sure hope they’re right.

We made it through, and we’re all still alive.

Actually, Joel has done really well so far.  I’m proud of him for working so hard and studying so much.  But I’m not gonna lie.  It’s been difficult for me.  It’s not like he goes off to work and comes home and can then be around to hang out and participate in what’s going on in our house.  He goes off to class for the day, comes home, and then has homework to do for the duration of the day.  Sometimes I don’t even get to have a non-law-school-related conversation with him at all.  Don’t get me wrong, I still get the play by play of every class and everyone in them. (If you are in classes with my husband, I probably know a lot about you. Fair warning.)  But there’s not always time for a real conversation, and that is sometimes hard.  I spend most of my time with a 10 month old… that doesn’t afford me lots of opportunities for adult conversation.

Summer school was a little easier – the load was lighter, there wasn’t quite as much time spent studying, and there was a little more time for him to spend with us.  He was able to take a couple of classes to get him a little bit ahead of his classmates as far as classes go, and allowed him to get some of the more highly-sought-after electives when he registered for this fall.  So, that’s cool.

As I’m writing this, we have about a week and a half left until Joel starts back for his 2L year.  We’ve had some summer fun.  We’ve been to the beach, made ice cream, taken Clara to the zoo.  Next week we’ll make another IKEA trip and have Clara’s surgery, and then the following Thursday he’s back to school.  It seems like the “summer” has flown by!

One thing I’m really glad about is that Joel was out of school when Clara started walking.  I know he really wanted to be here to see that happen, and I’m thankful that he was.

So onward we go.  Bring on the 2L year.

One Response to “Law School Year 1 (and summer school) Round Up”

  1. Kim Smith August 8, 2011 at 10:20 am #

    I’d like to tell you that Joel will have more free time once he actually becomes an attorney, but it seems as though attorneys (at least the one I work for) does not stop being an attorney on the nights and weekends. Maybe Joel will be able to find a good balance, though. 🙂

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