Clara and the week that wouldn’t end

5 Sep

I hope that at the end of this post, I will be able to declare the week ended. Finally.

Last weekend, and for a few days before that, Clara wad being kinda fussy and just not herself. I figured it was because she was teething, and I could see how swollen her gums were where those 1 year molars were trying to come in. So I was giving her Tylenol and ibuprofen and that seemed to help a bit. We even made it through Monday, which is Joel’s long day of class, thanks to Heather and her kiddos making the trek down to Sunni sky’s and over to holly springs to hang out with us for a bit.

Monday we also found out that Joel has been invited to the phase 1 selection process for the FBI. Crazy, and (again) another story for another time.

Tuesday rolls around, and Clara’s still not feeling great, and I’m still giving her ibuprofen. She had a low grade fever – maybe 99 or so – but again I thought it was just her teeth. Until that night.

When I picked her up to get her ready for bed, she was burning up. Just so so hot. She wad still in the middle of a dose of ibuprofen, so it was a bit worrisome. We took her temp and it was almost 103. So we made a frantic call to the pediatrician, heard back from a completely incompetent nurse, and decided to go to the emergency room.

Why do kids always get sick after normal business hours??  Seriously.

We were put in a room almost immediately, and she was given some Tylenol, with her having a fever of 103.5, but didn’t see a nurse or even a doctor for almost 2 hours. Not a soul entered our room. Eventually a nurse did come see us, took Clara’s temp again – still 102 – and then the PA finally came to see us. He said he thought the fever was from her teeth, too, at which point I started to feel really stupid and silly for bringing her in. But he also mentioned that there was a good possibility that she could have a UTI. They would need to do additional tests to determine that.

What followed seemed more like torture than treatment… but that’s probably just because it was my baby in the ER screaming as they took a urine sample (with a catheter), blood sample, and chest x-ray.  Oh, and then the lab screwed something up and didn’t keep the rest of her urine for a culture, so they had to come back and get some more.  Awesome.  I felt terrible, and as much as I wanted all the tests to come back negative, I would have felt like a complete and total idiot, not to mention a terrible parent, for putting Clara through all of that.

The end result was that they decided she did have a UTI after all, and I felt slightly better about making her endure those tests, since they found something.  They gave her antibiotics and sent us home.  At 2am.

End of the story, right?


Friday morning we headed down to the beach for the long weekend.  We were excited to spend some time with friends, enjoy the pool, the beach, and the sun.  That afternoon, I saw that Clara was getting a little rash on her belly – it was very faint, but red and kind of raised.  I gave her the antibiotics again that night and when I got her ready for bed I noticed that the rash was getting worse and was spreading to her back and neck.  I called my mom for about the 50th time that week (she’s a pharmacist, and super smart) to ask her what she thought.  Drug allergy.  So we called the pediatrician again.  They refused to call in a different antibiotic for us, I think because they were not the original prescriber… but still.  Frustrating.  They told us to go to an urgent care in the morning and give her benadryl that night.  Easy enough.

In the morning we went off in search of an urgent care.  Well, as it turns out, with the new hospital in Brunswick County, all the urgent care places have closed.  ALL of them.  So the ER was our only choice.

On a separate note, I feel like I should write reviews of all the hospitals and ERs we’ve been to.  Brunswick County takes first place by far – for speed, staff, cleanliness, and room size.  It was really the best possible experience you could have in an ER.  They were very quick all around.  They prescribed a different antibiotic, benadryl for days, and steroids and we were out of there in 45 minutes.

End of the story, right?

Don’t I wish.

We picked up all the meds and went back to the beach house to give them to Clara.  And she threw up immediately.  All over the carpet.

I almost lost it.  Ok, maybe I actually did lose it.

We made a few more phone calls – me to my mom, Joel to the ER – and were told to wait 30 minutes or so and give it to her again.  So we did, but we withheld the steroids.  After a while and no throw up, we put her down for a nap.  When she got up, we fed her lunch and tried the steroids again.  And again, it was immediate.

We stopped giving her the steroids and everything seemed better.  Generally it was, aside from the screaming and waking everyone up at 1am because of a nasty case of diaper rash… but that was pretty easily remedied .

On a positive note, we now know that Clara is allergic to a couple of drug classes and doesn’t tolerate steroids well.  I am thankful that the reaction wasn’t worse than it was.  It could have been a life threatening situation, and thankfully it wasn’t.  I am thankful that my mom is a pharmacist, and doesn’t mind if I call her at all hours with questions, concerns, and more questions.  I think the worst part was thinking that the situation was coming to a resolution every time, and then some other crazy thing would happen.

It has just been an exhausting week.  But Clara has seemingly made a full recovery, and got a clean bill of health from the doctor at the follow up appointment.

I’ve had my fill of hospital time for a while. Let’s just leave it at that.

One Response to “Clara and the week that wouldn’t end”

  1. whimzie September 10, 2011 at 9:44 am #

    Bless all of your hearts!!

    I hope you have a perfectly boring weekend with a happy baby who feels much better!

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