As a parent…

18 Sep

I now understand the feeling of the parents depicted in the movies on Christmas Eve.

You know the ones.  The dad who is trying to put together a bicycle, and ends up putting the handle bars on the wheels by accident.

My grammy sent Clara a play house for her birthday.  My dad offered to put it together for me, but since he won’t be able to come until next weekend, I thought I’d try to put it together so she can enjoy it a little sooner.  I got out all the prescribed tools, and put the pieces on the patio, and started to put the thing together.

It’s not terribly difficult, just time consuming.  And add to that the fact that I have been foiled at ever step, and I’m just about done trying.  Yesterday I tried assembling it with a screwdriver, which would be fine, but takes a seriously long time due to having to screw through plastic which doesn’t already have holes in it.

Can I just take a second and mention how surprised I am at how many real screws there are in those little plastic houses?  They look like linkin logs that just slide together, but no.  Lots of screws.

Ok, back to it.  This morning I pulled out the big guns.  That’s right, the drill.  It was all going well, until the battery died.  No problem, we have another battery.  So I went and got it and was all ready to continue the project.

Until I discovered that battery was dead as well.

And so, being completely defeated, I have given up.  At least until the batteries are recharged…

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