Birthday Party Preparations

21 Sep

Are now fully underway!

This week I have made my first batches of marshmallow fondant.  It is amazing!  It’s this recipe, which I only found thanks to my friend Heather.  I have never tasted fondant that I really liked, but I LOVE the way it looks on a cake.  I kid you not, this fondant tastes really really good.  Right now I have about 3 batches of it pre-made and hanging out in my fridge.  I’m excited to see how it turns out.  I still have to color it, but I’ve heard it’s the best to wait until you’re getting ready to use it.

It’s amazing what a little pressure can help me accomplish.  A while back, we discovered that she sleeps much better in a super dark room.  I had a black sheet that I’ve used for photo shoots, and I just slipped the fitted sheet over the curtain rod and around the widow sill.  It helped, but it was super ugly.  At that point I would do anything for a little sleep.  But I’ve had blackout fabric for Clara’s room for about 3 months now.  Just sitting there.  Waiting.  Every day I would go in to get her in the morning and think, “gee, I really need to finish that blackout curtain.”  And yet, nothing would get done.  With the threat of people coming over on Saturday for a birthday party and potentially wanting to see her room, I managed to remember to pull down the curtains this week, find the blackout fabric and finish it up.

And I even hung up our diplomas in the office, as well as a magazine rack where I’m putting all the magazines in which my photography has been published, and some additional decorations in Clara’s room.

I don’t know what it is, but I need the pressure of people coming over to my house to get things like that done.  And to get serious cleaning done.  I’m just being honest.  If no one ever came to visit, I would probably never get anything done.

So, stay tuned.  It’s not likely that I will make a lot of updates between now and Saturday.  Tomorrow I’m baking cakes.  Friday Joel is going to Charlotte to talk with the FBI and hopefully move on to the next round of interviews, and I am decorating the cake.  Oh yes.  It’ll be a great weekend.

Any bets on what color my hands turn when I color the fondant?

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