What a week!

5 Oct

Hey internets!  I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise.

I have lots of things to post soon – Clara’s birthday letter, birthday party stories and photos, and even more than that.  But the problem is that I have hardly seen my computer for the past several days.

Ok, so that doesn’t explain why Clara’s birthday letter is over a week late.  That has more to do with the fact that I can’t seem to collect my thoughts to write it.  I have started it.  I guess it hasn’t really sunk in yet that she’s actually a year old.  A YEAR??  It really is hard to believe.

The last few days really have been a whirlwind.  Saturday I drove down to Wilmington to shoot a wedding at Figure 8 Island (which is amazing, by the way).  Mary (my second shooter) and I stayed at Millie’s house that night and stayed up entirely too late laughing and telling crazy wedding stories from this year, and ended up getting only 2 hours of sleep.  Sunday morning we headed back north to Topsail Island for an engagement shoot, and then drove home to Holly Springs.  Whew!

Monday I packed up some stuff for Clara and took her to Greenville, where my parents live.  They had agreed to watch her for me when a whole host of crazy things came up for Tuesday and made it impossible for me to keep her with me.  I have a suspicion though that they loved ever second of it!  I stayed there until Monday evening, and we all went out to dinner with my Grammy, who was thrilled to see her great-grandaughter unexpectedly in town.

I have to say, I surprised myself by being really emotional when I left Clara behind.  I never expected to be that weepy mom that cried when leaving their kid behind for a couple of days in the more than capable hands of the grandparents.  But I am.  I drove home with misty eyes and a sad heart.  But I know that Clara had a great time!  My parents have an awesome yard and a big swing and lots of grass and my little girl loves to be outside.  She was in hog heaven.

Tuesday morning I got up pretty early and got in the car to drive to Sapphire, NC.  Where is that, you ask?  Well, it’s about an hour past Asheville up some of the craziest, windiest roads I’ve ever driven.  It is beautiful though.  I met some of my clients up there for their engagement session and a camp that the girl used to go to.  It was a fun time, and then I drove back.  By the time I got home, I was so tired, and had spent over 24 hours in the car since Saturday.

So what did we do today?  Drove to meet my parents in Keanansville to pick up Clara, and then continued down to the beach for a few days.

Last night I could hardly sleep.  I was having dreams of careening down mountain roads out of control.  And in between those dreams, I kept hearing babies crying and waking up to look at the monitor, but wait, Clara wasn’t even there.

I sorta wish I was at home, but I’m just glad to be somewhere for a few days in a row and not get in the car again until Saturday when I drive to Beaufort for another wedding.

Maybe I’ll even get to finish that letter….

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