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11 Jan

I’ve been on a tear lately.  Even before we got home from our 3 weeks of Christmas travel, I had a mental list of things I wanted to clean, organize, purge, and eliminate.  It’s amazing how much crap you accumulate, even though we just moved a little over a year ago.  But I had a 6 week old baby then, and basically just threw things into boxes, doing no major purging before we moved.  There was just no time.

I figured I better get started on this while Joel was still out of school.  That gave us a week.  My week is now over, and I’m not really close to done, but Joel went back to school Monday, and progress will surely be a little slower from here on out.  Clara thinks it’s funny to take things out of boxes when I’ve just put them in.

My major battle is paper.  I have waaaay too much paper.  I believe that we probably have a forest full of trees in our house, but I just can’t seem to get a handle on organizing it all.  I do most of the things that they recommend: have a central paper inbox, discard junk mail and extra envelopes right away, and especially go through everything once a week.  Ok, I lied… I definitely don’t go through the papers every week to sort through it.

That is probably my downfall.

So my poor neighbors have had to endure bag after bag of garbage being taken to the curb waiting for the trash man to come pick it up.  In all fairness, we didn’t put it out until Sunday afternoon (trash day is Monday), so it wasn’t really that bad.  But still.

Anyway, I’ve reorganized the pantry, changed around some cabinets, gathered all some of most of my 2011 papers together to do my year end taxes, cleaned out Clara’s closet, found all the new-born baby stuff that was still hanging around and put it in a bin to go in the attic, started organizing the sewing/craft room, and a bunch of other things.  Now the biggest obstacle to finishing this monster project is the paper.

Who has a great system for dealing with all the paper that goes in and out of your house?  I want to hear about it, because mine clearly isn’t working!

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