Date Day or the Case of the Impossible Go Karts

18 Apr

This story starts almost 6 years ago… yes, I know.  That’s crazy.

Joel and I were dating, I don’t think we were engaged yet.  Joel usually planned our dates, and we usually ended up going out to eat and to a movie.  He loves movies, in case you don’t know my husband.  Movies are fun and all, but every now and then, I want to do something different.  So I decided to plan a date.

I had seen this place advertised – Rush Hour Karting.  They were supposed to have fast indoor go carts, and I knew Joel would love that.  So one day, when he had a day off, I picked him up and off we went in search of this place.  These were the days before iPhones, and I didn’t even have a gps in my car.  I know.  Wow.  Well, we drove out to Garner… and drove and drove and drove… we could not find the road this place was supposed to be on.  We stopped and asked at a gas station.  No luck.  I, of course, became an emotional mess because I had tried so hard to plan something fun.  Finally we just gave up.  Since we were over by White Oak shopping center, we decided to stop and get some dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Love that place, but they seem to attract really weird people to be their servers.  On this particular occasion, we asked our *very* southern waitress if she knew where Raynor Road was.  Her response, “I don’t know no Raynor Road.  I know a Rand Road, but I don’t know no Raynor Road.”  And then she proceeded to bring out our food while making airplane noises.  Yes, like the noises you make when you feed your infant with a spoon the first time.  It was all very strange.

So we gave up.  It was just not to be.  Go carting would have to wait for another time.

Fast forward about 6 years (engagement, marriage, law school, baby), and you arrive at last Friday.  I bought Groupons for the very same go carting place for Joel for his birthday in November.  They were about to expire, but we’d been planning this day for a while.  Joel had the day off from school, his sister, Kelli, graciously agreed to watch Clara for us for the day, and so we were all set for our date day.  Our plan: Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch, see The Hunger Games movie, and go carting.  The first two items went off without a hitch.  Lunch was good, I now belong to the club of people who have seen The Hunger Games, and off we went to find the go carting place.  Again.  This time, finding it was not a problem.  Thanks, Apple.

This time, the problem arose when we walked inside.  We waited behind a father and son who were told that the boy could race in 15 minutes.  Then we walked up to the counter, pulled out our Groupons, and were told that it would be 2.5 hours before we could race.  Seriously?  Nevermind asking your customers what they need, just take one look at their Groupon and tell them sorry, too bad.  He didn’t care that we didn’t live close by or had already gotten a babysitter, and he didn’t care that the Groupon itself said “No Reservations” so it wouldn’t have done any good to call ahead.  So, a little angry and a few more tears later, we left and decided we are just not meant to drive go carts at this place.

And I’ll never ever try to go back to Rush Hour Karting, and I’ll never tell anyone else to go there either.  They have officially lost my business due to poor customer service, and I am fighting with Groupon right now to get my money back since we were unable to use the deal. (Update – I got my money back. Thanks, Groupon.)

We thought we might head to the shooting range, but it was packed since people had Good Friday off from work, so we just went back to Kelli’s house to get Clara and headed home.

And so ended another failed go karting date.  Well, the go carting part failed… but it was a pretty great day in general.  Now we just have to make it through exams and 2 years of law school will be behind us!

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