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Marriage Amendment

3 May

I’m not one to step into messy political debates.  I don’t like debates.  I don’t like to argue.  I won’t talk to you about how I am voting on any issue.  Quite frankly, it’s no one’s business.

I have found that the current Marriage Amendment proposed in NC (Amendment One) has quite the polarizing effect.  The potential legal and civil effects of this bill have been talked about in the news and in tv commercials.  A lot.  I’m sure that I didn’t accurately understand it all, and my suspicion is that most other people don’t either.

I have read the bill myself and I have been looking and looking for an article that can explain the legal ramifications of this bill without being completely biased by a political position.  It’s been difficult to find.  But today, I think I may have stumbled upon it.

The article below was written by 3 professors at Campbell Law School.  I find it to be a very fair and thorough legal analysis of the potential effects of this amendment.  They address concerns from both sides, and analyze everything from a legal perspective.  If you’re interested in reading, please click on through.  It is lengthy, but I think it is a good read, and worth your time.  And then go vote.

Campbell White Paper



2 May

It’s a hard thing, for an introvert like me.  Writing is so natural.  Much more so than talking.  I think it’s because I can edit, delete, and re-write until it means what I want it to mean.  And it’s really easy, sitting behind this screen to forget that everything is just here for anyone to see.

It’s a funny thing about the Internets.  On the internet, words aren’t fleeting.  They are permanent.  Thoughts aren’t private.  They’re incredibly and scarily public.

I love you, internet friends, but sometimes there are just things that can’t be posted to the never-forgetting, unforgiving vastness, the maze of servers, and the unknown copies that the internet necessitates.

So, I’m going back to my old friend, the pen and paper.  Oh, I’ll still be here – there are lots of things I want to share with you here.  But I’m turning back to my journal and my IRL friends for the things that I just need to get out, but can’t post for the whole world to see.


1 May

Seriously? How can it already be May?

Tomorrow Joel takes his last exam and then there’s just one paper between us and a few weeks of freedom from law school. I couldn’t be happier. And then, just one more year. I keep telling myself that we can make it. We can.

May is gonna be a crazy month. Lots of weddings, I turn 30, time at the beach with my family, and tons more. My calendar is looking a little crazy, and sometimes looking at it gives me a slight panic attack, but most of it is fun stuff, so I’m sure we’ll survive.

Anyway, here we go! Welcome, May. And may you be a month full of sunshine and happy surprises!