Marriage Amendment

3 May

I’m not one to step into messy political debates.  I don’t like debates.  I don’t like to argue.  I won’t talk to you about how I am voting on any issue.  Quite frankly, it’s no one’s business.

I have found that the current Marriage Amendment proposed in NC (Amendment One) has quite the polarizing effect.  The potential legal and civil effects of this bill have been talked about in the news and in tv commercials.  A lot.  I’m sure that I didn’t accurately understand it all, and my suspicion is that most other people don’t either.

I have read the bill myself and I have been looking and looking for an article that can explain the legal ramifications of this bill without being completely biased by a political position.  It’s been difficult to find.  But today, I think I may have stumbled upon it.

The article below was written by 3 professors at Campbell Law School.  I find it to be a very fair and thorough legal analysis of the potential effects of this amendment.  They address concerns from both sides, and analyze everything from a legal perspective.  If you’re interested in reading, please click on through.  It is lengthy, but I think it is a good read, and worth your time.  And then go vote.

Campbell White Paper


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