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Playing Catch-up

14 Jul

1. It’s true!  We’ll be adding to our number at the beginning of next year!  Sometime around the end of January (there is some debate among the doctors about the exact due date), we’ll welcome one more little one into our family.

The doctors have given us a range of 10 days – some say 1/21, some say 1/22, some say 1/31 – so we’re just going with “the end of January,” for simplicity’s sake.  Although, I have to say, I am hoping that all this confusion will warrant another ultrasound to try and figure it out.  I don’t really care about the date, but let’s be honest… the most fun part of being pregnant is getting an ultrasound.  It’s certainly not the restrictions on what you can eat or drink or do.  Ultrasounds.  Yep.

To answer some of the more common questions – I’ve been feeling icky, but that’s pretty much just a part of the whole deal, right?  I’ve only wanted to eat crunchy, salty things, and raw meat grosses me out right now.  I’m hoping that most of those things will be ending soon, though, since (depending on which date you go with) I’m about done with the 1st trimester.  Guess we’ll see.

Clara doesn’t really understand about the new baby, but every now and then she says something about “baby” and hugs or kisses my belly.  I think she’ll be a great big sister.  She loves other babies when she sees them at church or out and about.  I’m sure it’ll be an adjustment though – it always is, right?

2. Speaking of Clara, she’s crazy as ever.  Her tantrums are balanced out by the sweet “thank you” she says every time I bring her a full sippy cup of milk or a yummy snack or her bedtime friends (currently: cookie monster, turtle, yadi (lion), elephant, and george (curious)).  It is nice to hear a sweet little “thank you” every now and then – and she’s started saying it without prompting, which is lovely.

3. Thursday we got to go to the airport to witness a very special homecoming.  My friend, Heather, was going to photograph her friends coming home with their new daughter who they just adopted from Taiwan.  It is a beautiful thing, adoption.  She invited me to join her and bring along my camera if I wanted, and how could I pass it up?  So Clara and I went to the airport to help welcome home a family we had never met.  It was really amazing to see the visible and tangible love that family had for their sweet new addition.  Even the two older kids, who stayed here while their parents went out of the country, were visibly excited to see their new sister for the first time (not to mention getting their parents back).  I was moved to tears by a family I’d never met before.  And they were more than gracious about having some random stranger there, cameras in hand, for their homecoming.  I’ll have a few photos ready soon.  I haven’t even downloaded them yet… yikes!

Someday, I want to do this kind of thing for my job.  Weddings are great and my clients are awesome.  I just see myself doing something different someday.  I’d love to find a non-profit or a ministry that needs photography either to bless the families involved or to use for their marketing and publicity purposes… I don’t know what that looks like, and it’s certainly not in the immediate future (at least not that I can see), but it’s just something I’ve been thinking about lately…  Thank you, Heather, and Shannon + Lee for giving me a small taste of what that could be.

4. In other news, I tried to mow the grass yesterday.  It’s so thick, and we waited so long to mow it that I had to empty the bag on the mower every single pass.  The front yard got done, but the backyard has a big reverse mohawk diagonally through the center of it, where I made a few passes before I had to quit.  It’s making me laugh as I look out the back door right now.

5. I just finished reading Joel’s paper, which serves as his final for one of his summer classes – Christian Perspectives on Legal Thought.  In reading it, I heard a story from his days as a police officer that I didn’t know (or at least didn’t remember).  The paper is a justification for a Christian’s use of deadly force while working as a state actor (a police officer, a soldier, etc). Anyway, it was an interesting read, but more than that, it marks the end of summer school and only TWO semesters left of law school!  There IS a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is in May.  I’m sure Joel will be excited to be done as well, but I’m not sure that he’ll be quite as excited as I will be to see the end of law school.  I know that it means 6 weeks of intense bar studying/classes, and then a stressful test, oh, and a job search.  But it at least signals the end of this season and the beginning of a new one.  And I will be thankful for that.

6. Right now I am watching Clara use her fingers to remove and eat the cream cheese from a bagel.  She hasn’t eaten one bite of the actual bagel, only the cream cheese.  It’s pretty amazing actually how clean she gets that bread.

7. My 365 project for Clara – Year 2 – is almost complete.  Now I just need to make another book.

8. We have a lot of projects to take care of around the house while Joel is out of school, including moving Clara over to the current sewing room, which means moving all my sewing stuff somewhere else…. where? I have no idea.  Maybe I’ll move the machine down to the office, and my fabric stash to the guest closet?  The office will need some help, if that’s the case.  Oh well, plenty of time to figure that out…

9. The Olympics are soon!  Who is as excited as I am???  I just LOVE the Olympics, and I plan to watch or record everything I possibly can!  I love to watch diving, swimming, gymnastics, and track & field.  I’ve always thought it’d be fun to know how to do a backflip – you know, for those moments when you’re so thrilled about something you just can’t express it.  A backflip seems like it would be a good way to get it out. I like gymnastics and diving for that reason – because I wish I could do it.  But I’m planning to record some of the weightlifting too, because they are completely ridiculous with the amount of weight they can lift, and it reminds me that my measly 70 lb clean or 55 lb snatch are just the tip of the iceberg for some people.

What are your favorite events to watch?