Catching up… again

8 Aug

As I type this, I am still chuckling about Clara’s little antics from last night. This girl is seriously hilarious.

It was kind of a rough day for her – not sure if she’s got a cold or something, but she was whiny and grumpy from the moment she woke up. But we did go to her gymnastics class.

Pause for a small aside. Clara LOVES “gymnastics.” I put it in quotes because, well, how much actual gymnastics can a 22 month old really do? But she loves getting to run around on the pads, slam into walls without getting hurt, hang and climb on things without being told no, and jump for an hour without stopping.

Now that I think about it, maybe this is counterproductive to our everyday quest to keep her uninjured when we aren’t in a padded room.

Clara is less than thrilled with the constant Olympics coverage in our house – I think she misses her beloved Elmo and the occasional movie like Madagascar or Ice Age. Madagascar is her current favorite, and she loves to sing “I like to move it, move it!” Until last night, that’s all it had been. Move it. But something came over her as I was changing her diaper and putting on her pajamas. Out of nowhere she said, “my tushie, tushie.” Which, without prompting, then turned into her singing Move It with some adapted words: “I like my tushie, tushie! I like my tushie, tushie! I like my tushie, tushie! I like my… TUSHIE!!!”

I kid you not, my not-yet-2-year-old came up with that all on her own. And as I absolutely CRACKED UP, she got the most proud, happy look on her face. She made mommy absolutely lose it with laughter. And I laughed the rest of the night just thinking about it.

You can’t say that she’s not confident.

In other news, I’m 15 weeks and finally feeling better!! A couple weeks ago when we were in St. Louis for the weekend, I caught a nasty bug – mostly just a summer cold, but I also had a fever and some achies, and just general fatigue. Of course, being pregnant, they wouldn’t really let me take anything for it, so I just had to suffer through. I also had a wedding to shoot in the middle of it, which I wasn’t sure I would make it through, but thanks to my fantastic second shooter, Mary, I did make it. And I don’t think anyone even figured out that I was sick. Even better.

I’m keeping up with my goal of continuing to go to CrossFit (Forged Fitness) so far. With Clara, I didn’t do anything during my pregnancy, so to make it this far and still be working out is a major accomplishment. Honestly, I feel so much better. I am a good bit slower to finish the workouts now than before I was pregnant, but my goal is just to finish them. If I finish them, that is a victory. Actually, I think there are a few people who are starting to wonder if I lied about being pregnant, because I’m not really showing yet. I promise, there’s a baby in there. This pregnancy is just so different from my last one in almost every way. I think I had a pretty hard-to-miss belly at this point with Clara.

Joel is about 1 week from starting back to school. Books have been ordered and are starting to arrive at our doorstep. It’s kind of like an un-fun Christmas. Packages to open, but they only mean work ahead. Oh well, it’s almost the end. It’s almost the end. It’s almost the end.

Since I was sick, we didn’t get around to many of our “time off” plans – we haven’t been to the zoo, we haven’t been to the children’s museum… but we have had lots of family time together, and we have watched lots and lots of the Olympics.

Next door, they have finally started construction on the house which will be in the lot beside us! It’s really annoying that they start every morning around 7:15, and there are a million cars parked in our street, but I am thankful that they’ll be all done with the construction before this baby is born. Yay!

Also in construction news, the Target that’s coming to Holly Springs now has walls and roof joists! I am watching this construction with great interest, because the closest Target to us currently is about 25 minutes away. It’s going to be awesome to have one only 5 minutes down the road!

Well, I think that about does it. You are now caught up with all the Schlieman family events. Lucky you.

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