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30 Nov

It seems that my posting here has become less and less frequent lately.  I won’t apologize for it, but what I will do is give you a quick run-down of what’s been going on.

1. Law School: Joel is in exam time again.  Group projects, studying, and exams are taking up most of his time these days.

2. Christmas: We are finally in the Christmas season.  If you ask me, it could start about 2 months earlier.  I absolutely love Christmas and everything that goes along with it.  The lights, the decorations, the wonder in little kids’ eyes, the music, the food, the reminders of why we celebrate in the first place.  We got a tree when we came back from Thanksgiving – fun that it was a little early this year so we can have the tree up an extra week!

Clara has been particularly entertaining watching all the decorations go up at the house.  Every time she sees something new, she gasps, points, stares, and talks about how pretty they are and asks me if I made them.  It is amazing to watch this season through the eyes of a two year old.  I’m making an advent calendar with a fun activity for us to do every day.  We’ll see how it goes, but I’m hopeful that things like making glittery playdoh and gingerbread houses

3. Babies: We are about 9 weeks out from my due date.  I still get looks from people when I tell them that, and my mom asked me a week or so ago if I was “sure I had a baby in there…”  Yep, I’m pretty sure about that one.  Otherwise it’s an alien or a very serious medical condition.  But my bet is baby.

At our last ultrasound, I asked them to double check the gender.  It’s still a girl.  No more miraculous sex changes in the womb.  It’s hard to believe that she’ll be here so soon.  I think that being pregnant while having a toddler makes the time fly by.  Something about having another little person to occupy all that time – you don’t really have time to think about being pregnant all that much.

The questions I get these days:
How are you feeling? About as good as you can feel at 31 weeks pregnant, I think.
Are you ready?  I don’t think you’re ever ready.  Are we ready to meet her? Yes.  Is anything else at all ready? No.  Have I finished the nursery? Hahahahahaha. You’re funny.

Joel’s sister Kelli had her twins yesterday morning – everyone is doing well, and the girls are beautiful.  We have only seen phone pictures – I’m hoping to get to go visit and take my camera for a little mini photo session with the new family members later tonight.  We’ll see.

4. Church: As you may or may not know, toward the end of the summer we switched churches.  We’re going to The Summit Church in Cary now, and we are really loving it.  We are in a new small group, which has been awesome, and we’re starting to feel right at home there.  We do miss our friends from Visio Dei though.

5. Sewing: I have a million projects going right now, all half-complete.  I’ve made some appliqued onesies for Kelli for the twins, some car seat blankets (the kind that you put under the baby, strap the kid in through slits in the blanket, and then wrap them up so the blanket doesn’t fall off), and several other things.  Since my sewing room became Clara’s new big-girl room, my projects are all over the downstairs and my sewing machine is set up on the kitchen table.  Not the best setup, but it’s what I have right now.

I think we have it figured out though, and the computer is going to come out into the living room and my sewing stuff will find a home in the office.  It will be so nice to have a permanent spot for it again.

6. Running:  What?? I ran a 5k.  The Color Me Rad run in Raleigh.  6.5 months pregnant.  That’s right.  It was a lot of fun and I was feeling it for about 3 days afterwards when my IT Band tightened up so bad I could barely walk.  But all that seems to be better now, and I’m not planning to run anymore for quite some time.

I’m sure there’s more, but between a 2 year old talking in 8 word sentences, and stuff to keep up with around the house, it’s all I can think of right now.