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Graduation and the rest…

15 May

Joel graduated on Friday morning.  It was amazing and surreal and emotional.  We were surrounded by family and friends who have been a part of this journey with us.  People who have listened to all the stories, marked all the big milestones, wiped tears, said encouraging words.  We couldn’t have been happier to celebrate with everyone.

I cried when I saw him walk in to the auditorium.  I cried when he walked across the stage to get his hood and his diploma.  I cried when the president of the student bar association talked about how some students have sacrificed being the best in their class because their families were their priorities, and rightly so.  I was proud.  I was thankful.  I was relieved.  I was elated.

We had a party that night – and again, we had lots of friends, family, and neighbors who have walked with us through this 3 year journey who came to celebrate with us.

You might think that graduation marks the end of the law school journey.

You would be wrong.

We do have one week off – this week – and then BAR prep begins.  The first week is online classes, thankfully, so Joel can come with us to the beach.  But after that, it’s every day, 9-1 or 9-5, and then studying at home, writing practice essays, taking sample tests.  Every day until the BAR exam on July 30-31.

And then it’s over.  And, assuming he passes, Joel will be starting work.  That’s a whole ‘nother story.

I’m a bit behind on things – I still need to post (and write) Lucy’s birth day story, and there have been a lot of other things that have happened since then that I need to write about as well.  But my concentration has been on getting us to graduation, so the blog has fallen a bit behind…. along with a few other things.  (Hence the cleaning lady who came to help me clean the house before the party, and her comment as she looked around for a minute, “Ok, I see we need some help here.”)

Lucy is 3.5 months old already, if you can believe it.  She’s an amazing baby.  SO happy!  So quiet and content.  I just adore her and her sweet red hair and fair skin.  She smiles and giggles, and there is really nothing sweeter than that in the whole world.

Clara is crazy as ever.  She says the most hilarious things!  I am trying so hard to keep track of them and write them down.  I created an email account for her so I can just send it there, and she (or I) can have it for later.  There’s at least one almost every day, and I just crack up.  She’s starting preschool in a few weeks, and I’m so excited for that.  She’s going to love being around other kids, and having structured activities to do.

Me myself and I, are back to work.  I’m finding that as much as I love my job, it is really hard to want to leave on the weekends.  Those sweet baby giggles and hilarious toddler sayings are tugging on my heartstrings every moment I’m away.

So off we go, into the next phase of this journey… we’ll just have to wait and see what it holds…