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Dear Clara – 21 months

15 Jun

Almost 2.  I think you think you’re already there.

You’re asserting your opinion and will at every possible opportunity.  Keeping yourself awake, waking up early, making yourself throw up, telling us what you want to eat, drink, or wear, how you’d like your hair, what activity you want to be doing.

You love to color – but really, I think you love to hold as many crayons in your hands as possible.  I end up doing most of the coloring.

You have started singing a lot.  It’s really fun to see that.  I used to make up songs and sing all the time when I was little, so it’s funny to see you doing the same thing.  Sometimes you just hum. Sometimes it’s the ABC song.  When we sing about the Itsy Bitsy Spider, or Patty Cake, or Twinkle Twinkle, you want to sing it over and over and over again.

You’re getting really good at your numbers and your ABCs.  Several times now I’ve heard you count from 7-15 getting all the right numbers.  Now we just have to work on 1-7.  Usually it goes a little something like this: 2, 3 6, 2, 4, 7, 5… etc.

You’ve figured out how to turn on and unlock my phone.  Well, you’ve been doing that for a while… but you know you’re not supposed to, so now you get this look on your face when you get ahold of my phone.  It kinda looks like you don’t have any teeth, the way you go “OH” and curl your lips inside your mouth.  Its kind of hilarious.

You can identify a circle, square, star, heart, and triangle – though you call it a “tri-bl-bl-bl-bl-bl.”  Makes me laugh every time.  I think you know most of your colors, though your favorites right now are blue and purple.  Every time I ask you what color something is, blue or purple is your first answer.  But if there are crayons laying on the table and I ask you to pick up the red one or the yellow one, you always get it right.  You can draw a circle and a straight line.

You still love Sesame Street, and will sit for almost the whole hour just completely transfixed.  Sometimes you’ll sing or dance along with the songs, and you always name each character that comes on screen.

You love books – especially Blue Hat, Green Hat, Hippos go Berserk, Not the Hippopotamus, There’s a Wocket in My Pocket, and The Going to Bed Book.

You’re speaking in full sentences almost all the time now, which still kinda trips me out.

We just started a gymnastics class this week.  Tuesday mornings you get to go run and jump and act crazy with about 15 other kids your age.  I thought it would get some of your energy out, but this week it just made you totally hyper.  I’m excited though, to see if it helps you learn how to follow directions a little better, and I can’t wait until you get the courage to start trying some of the activities the other kids are doing – balance beam, swinging on the bars, somersaults.  Should be fun!

We’ve been going to the gym pretty regularly again, and every time we turn the corner you get real excited because you get to see Miss Sandra.  She’s the one who hangs out with you while I work out, and she gets super excited to see you every time we go.  I am really thankful for Miss Sandra, because she just really likes you, and she makes it possible for me to go to the gym at all, since there’s not really childcare there.

We are going to plan some fun things to do together this summer.  I have one more wedding tomorrow, and then I get a bit of a break, which I’m very excited about.  We will have Saturdays to spend together as a family again!  At least for a little while.  I already know that we want to go to the Durham Farmers Market with Miss Heather and explore some of the fun places she’s found there.  Maybe we’ll do a few museums, too.  And the pool.  Hmm, the possibilities are endless!

You’re so tall now, too – you outgrow clothes faster than I can put you in them.  I went through all your clothes the other day, and everything in your drawers had to be put away in a bin to go to the attic – too small.  We really need to do some shopping, I think, or you’ll have nothing at all to wear!

Well, I’m sure there’s more, but nap time is almost over.

Dear Clara – 17 Months

1 Mar

Well, my munchkin, you’ve almost reached that giant milestone: The Year-And-A-Half.  One more month and you’ll be there.  Hard to believe.

You are so full of personality.  You make the most hilarious faces when we’re playing around.  And when you get mad… well, if looks could kill.

The other day, you fell asleep on my lap while we were watching the Food Network.  Alton Brown talking about peanuts apparently wasn’t too entertaining to you – but I don’t mind.  I enjoyed cuddling with you, and I can’t remember the last time you fell asleep in my arms.  It was sweet.

You’ve taken to growling whenever you see your stuffed lion or tiger.  And your new favorite thing is Elmo.  It’s kind of amazing how quickly you attached to him.  It must be something about the huge eyes, bright colors, and silly voice.  Cookie Monster is a close second, and I think Ernie is gaining ground as well.  You actually sit quietly for almost a whole hour when we watch Sesame Street.  We don’t watch it a lot, but usually you like to watch it in the morning while you eat your breakfast.  That’s cool.

When you get tired, oh man, you are hilarious.  You make silly noises and crack up at them, and walk around the room looking at the ceiling making silly faces.  I’m not sure what you’re doing, but it makes me laugh!

You’ve certainly mastered cause and effect… the other night I was giving you a bath, and you started splashing, so I jumped back and squealed and you cracked up.  After a while of doing that, you held out the bath crayon for me to help you write something on the wall, and as soon as I was close enough,  you started splashing again.  Little stinker.

You are trying to learn how to put on your coat, and you get really frustrated when you can’t figure it out.  I don’t know what we’re going to do when it gets really warm, because you seem to think that coats are a necessary accessory for leaving the house every single time.

You got some blocks for Christmas, and you still love playing with them.  At first it was to knock them down, but now you actually build towers, too.

That little spot on your head where you had surgery has healed up beautifully.  You can’t even tell it’s there unless you know already, and sometimes your Daddy and I even forget about it.

You have these super tight ringlets in the back of your hair, and the top is a bit of a looser curl.  I am never going to want to cut your hair.  It is long enough now for ponytails, but you don’t like to sit still for those.  You do, however, like it when I put little clips in your hair and you ask for them constantly, if only so you can pull them out and ask me to do it all over again.

I think you’ve outgrown all of your 18 month pajamas already – lengthwise.

You’ve started doing this funny little thing where you shrug your shoulder – just one of them.  I think you know that it’s cute.

You have a TON of words now – and probably more than I realize.  Sometimes you repeat the same thing over and over again, but I just can’t figure out what it means.  Favorites include: tree, house, home, car, truck, cup, fruit snacks (na nacks), grass, chair, turtle, lion (who is now named Yadi – your doing), elmo, cookie monster, ernie, off, on, go, bye bye, mine, and occasionally we’ll get a love you “wuv oo” and a thank you “tank oo.”

You remember people when they’re not here.  Every day when I get you up, you ask for your daddy.  And even people who you don’t see every day – you ask for your nani and papa and your grandad and gigi a lot.  We try to tell you where they are, but it’s hard because I don’t think you really get that, and all you want is to see them.  We’re going to have to start skyping and facetiming more often.

I’m pretty sure that you really grow inches at a time, and usually overnight.  I swear, sometimes you wear pajamas one night, and when I try to put them on you a few days later, they no longer fit.  What in the world!

I am so excited for this summer with you!  I’m planning lots of fun things for us to do together – going to the beach, swim lessons, field trips around Raleigh, and hopefully lots and lots of fun!

Well, my munchkin, there’s so much more to tell you – I think of things all day long, but when it comes time to write them down, I run out of time and I swear, every time I sit down to write this, you wake up from a nap, need a drink or a snack, or have a dirty diaper.  It’s kind of humorous actually.  But more than anything, I want you to know that we love you very very much.  I hope that you know that.  And I hope that your daddy and I are teaching you the right things to help you become the beautiful, caring, compassionate, loving girl that we know you can be.  We will definitely mess it up, I’m sure we have already, but hopefully you will cling to the good stuff.

Crazy Little Munchkin update

15 Dec

It has been a while since I’ve done a Clara update here, so I thought I’d write a few things down so I don’t forget.

– She is now wearing 18 month clothing.  Not because she needs the width… but she needs the length. Little munchkin is not so little anymore.
– There are these sweet little ringlet curls on the back of Clara’s head of hair.  I adore them, and I can only hope that they stick around for a while.  I’m a sucker for a blonde kid with curls.
– She’s still madly in love with Mr. Lion and Mr. Turtle.  They go everywhere with her.
– We are down to only using the binky in the crib.  When I get her up in the morning, I pick her up and tell her, “Binky stays in the crib.”  She will take it out of her mouth and drop in back in there.  Awesome.  Next, to get rid of it altogether.
– Dr. Seuss’s There’s a Wocket in my Pocket is her favorite book.  She particularly loves the page that says “Like the tellar and the nellar and the gellar and the dellar, and the bellar and the wellar and the zellar in the cellar!”
– She really loves knocking things over, and giggles inanely when she does.
– Outside.  That is where she wants to be.  She loves to run around and pick things up and try to eat sand, dirt, rocks, pinecones, acorns, or whatever other things she can find on the ground.
– Whenever we drive somewhere, she leans over so she can look out the front window from her car seat.  She really loves to see where we are going.  And often she will point at the other vehicles and say “car” or “truck.” She gets it right about 50% of the time.  And, in case you didn’t know, school buses are hilarious.
– She really loves the Frosty the Snowman song.  The other day we were in the car coming back from somewhere and she was freaking out in the back seat saying “boppy! Boppy!  BOPPY!!!” until Joel figured out that she was saying “Frosty.”  He asked her if she wanted me to sing that song, and she said yes and calmed down. So I sang it, and then all was right with the world again.
– Shoes are still a favorite.  She has taken to trying on my shoes and even Joel’s shoes.  It’s kind of hilarious.
– Also, she apparently has started to hide things.  I have yet to find her hiding spot.  Currently missing: 1 black glittery shoe.
– She has this little toy microphone that I got from Target’s dollar bin one day.  You know the kind – it echoes your voice and says for ages 3 and up (haven’t figured that one out yet).  But she absolutely LOVES it and walks around the house making crazy noises and singing.

– She knows the following body parts and can point them out: head, hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chin, teeth, hands, fingers, belly button, belly, feet, toes.
– She is particularly interested in dogs, but only at a distance.  Our neighbors have some pretty cute little dogs, and she loves it when she sees them and gets all excited and wants to go over there.  But when we get there, she really doesn’t want to pet them.  When they come really close, she freaks out.  It’s kind of a hilarious little game.
– She still sticks that bottom lip out almost to the floor.
– She can make the animal noises for these animals: monkey, owl, birdie, duck, chicken, lion, bear, dog, cat… I feel like there are more, but I can’t remember right now.
– The word no now has more meaning to her.  And she has started to go after things she know she should have – and when we look at her, she wags her little finger at us and says, “nooooo!” Where did she learn the finger wagging??  I don’t think I do that….
– I would swear she is not my child if I didn’t give birth to her.  She is like her daddy in almost every way. A few people have told me in the past few weeks that she looks just like me.  But I’m convinced that’s just because they don’t know Joel.

Dear Clara – 1 YEAR old!!

15 Oct

Dear Clara,

Well, I guess it’s official now.  You’re no longer a baby.  It’s a little bittersweet for me to realize this.  Even though I am so proud of you and love watching you grow up, there’s a little bit of me that misses the tiny baby that curled up on my chest to sleep.  You are such a big girl now – you’re getting so tall and becoming so independent.  All the things that a 1 year old should be.

You run around all over the house.  Walking doesn’t really describe it anymore.  When you get really excited, you stop right where you are, and run in place, waving your hands in the air.  You know how to shake your booty and you love to dance when you hear music.  When you fall down and get upset about it, I tell you to shake it off, and you shake your arms around and after that you’re usually ok.  I love that.

We’ve discovered that you love Italian food.  You scarf down lasagna, and you love spaghetti (and even spaghetti-o’s when I’m desperate for something to feed you).  Your other favorites include hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, tomatoes (who knew??), string cheese, green beans, bread, avocado, black beans, any kind of fruit, broccoli (you ate it for breakfast the other day – your choice, not mine), and chick-fil-a nuggets.  You don’t eat very much meat.  You’ll pretty much eat anything else on your plate instead.  But when it comes to chick-fil-a, you chow it down!  And who can blame you?

You got your first busted lip a couple days after your birthday.  You were crawling out of a little chair and just fell a couple of inches, but apparently that was enough.  You were pretty tough though, and made less of a fuss about it than other times when you’re completely fine.

Reading books is one of your favorite things to do.  You will just walk around reading books to yourself.  A lot of the time you’ll go sit on the big bear’s leg and just read them out loud.  I love hearing that sound, and if I could translate your little toddler language, I think you might actually be telling the story.

You started saying “mommy” right around your birthday as well.  Not “mama” anymore.  Just mommy.  You say it with such a sweet voice….usually.

You know all kinds of animal noises now.  You can say the sounds for all of these animals: doggy (oooofffff offffff), owl (ooo oooo), birdie (tweee tweee), bear (ahhhhhh), lion, tiger.  It’s pretty hilarious to me, and I love to make you say those silly sounds whenever I can.

Whenever you can, we play outside.  It is seriously one of your favorite things to do.  You love to run around, play in your playhouse, and try to eat rocks.  You’re about 10 times happier when you’re outside, and I just wish we had more grass in our yard so you could really play out there.  You went crazy when you were at your grandparents’ house.  They have lots of  great grass, and you loved playing out there.  You also really love knocking down towers that I build with your blocks.  I don’t mind.

At your 1 year well checkup you were :
21lb 1oz (50%)
29″ long (50%)
and a 90th% head circumference.  Still a giant head.

Words you can say (when you feel like it.  They don’t always sound like how I’d say them, but you’re consistent, so I think that counts):

You’ve started having some separation anxiety, I think.  Lately, if you daddy or I leave,  you cry and cry for whoever is left behind.  You also do it when one of us leaves the room, and when I put you in the pack and play at the gym.  I hope this phase passes quickly – it’s definitely not my favorite.

You’ve gotten into the habit of sleeping until about 9am.  I don’t mind this.

You know that your daddy loves baseball, and specifically the Cardinals.  He’s taught you to clap and say “yay” when he says “Go Cardinals!”  It’s really cute, and sometimes if you see baseball on TV, you’ll clap without prompting.

You still don’t like the beach, but your daddy and I are mean, so we make you sit in the sand anyway and give you shells to distract you from how much you hate it.  And then you try to eat the shells and the sand.  I guess that’s what we get for trying to trick you.

The sign for drink is your new favorite – if I don’t understand the word you’re saying for it, you will help me out with the sign.  I’m loving that you’re starting to communicate.  You babble and babble and I know it’s just a matter of time until you are talking non-stop in full blown sentences.

Over the past year you’ve come an awful long way.  You have grown from a 7lb 3oz tiny, helpless little baby to a 21lb very independent, constantly moving 1 year old.  You’ve learned to crawl, walk, roll, sit up, climb up stairs, pick things up, pretend, and so so much more.  You’ve been to Miami, St. Louis, Ames, Greenville, and Wilmington.  You’ve been on plane rides and road trips.  You’ve seen a major league baseball game (or 3) and even got a baseball thrown to you from the Cardinals (your daddy is jealous).  You’ve spent a couple days away with your grandparents, and you’ve played with friends and cousins.  You’ve been to the beach more than most one year olds, I would think.  You’ve had a surgery and made a full recovery.  It’s hard to believe  that it was only a year ago that you became a part of our lives.  You’ve definitely changed us forever.

You are a precious little girl, Clara.  Quirky. Spunky.  Energetic.  Sometimes cuddly.  Smart.  Silly.  Loving.  Definitely opinionated.  Cute.  All of those things are a part of who you are.  You are loved by a lot of people, Clara.  I think you know that, but I hope we make it very clear to you every day.  We love you very much, munchkin, and we are so glad to have you in our lives.

Keep growing up big and strong, and learning every single day.  You have an amazing future ahead of you, and I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

Mommy (and Daddy)

Dear Clara

18 Aug

Dear Clara,

Apparently we had different plans for the hours of 2-5am last night. But thanks for waking me up for our battle of the wills playdate. It definitely beat sleeping.

From now on, let’s play during daylight hours. K? Thanks.

Your sleep deprived Mommy

Dear Clara (10 months)

2 Aug

Dear Clara,

You’re 10 months old now, and even in just the last month, you have all kinds of new skills and tricks that you like to show off.  It’s amazing how quickly you learn, and how we can see improvement in those skills literally from day to day.

You’ve started walking.  Yep.  You heard me right.  You’re a walker.  At first you would only walk between me and your daddy.  And when you got close you would launch yourself forward, so we had to keep a real good eye on you to make sure that we caught you when you decided to faceplant into the floor.  It’s funny.  Something that we grown-ups do every day, but it’s so thrilling to watch you learning how to take these steps that one day will become so normal.  When you’ve made it from one of us over to the other, you like to look back at where you started, grin real big, and clap for yourself.  And of course we clap and cheer, too.  Now you will stand up by yourself and start walking over to another object.  Your steps are a bit wobbly, and you kind of look like you’re milk-drunk, but it’s awesome.  You can go a pretty long way by yourself if one of us stands in front of you and backs up as you get closer.  You walked all the way across the living room the other day.

In the past few weeks, you’ve decided that I’m really funny.  You laugh a lot more, and think that my silly faces are hilarious.  You love to play in the corner of the couch and I’ll pile the pillows on top of you and you just crack up.  You peek out from behind them and giggle when you see me looking at you.  It’s really fun.

You and the giant bear have become the best of friends.  Long way from when you were petrified of him.  You walk over to him, fall on top of his tummy and growl at him.  And sometimes you’ll lay your head down on his belly and wait until one of us says, “Awwwww” and then you laugh.  Yeah, it’s pretty sweet.  You’ve even started saying the “aww” for yourself if we don’t do it quickly enough.

You’ve started making this funny face… I find it absolutely hilarious, but I’m not sure where you picked it up.  You purse your lips and make a zoolander-type face.  I don’t know if you will have seen that movie by the time you read these letters… maybe we’ll have to save a copy for you just so you can see it and understand what I mean.

You are not content to play by yourself most of the time.  I sit on the floor with you and play a lot.  You play and play and play until you are completely worn out and almost passing out.  I wonder where you got that from…  And when I take you to your room to put you to bed, if the lights are out and the noise machine is on, you know exactly what is coming, and you arch your back and put your hands on your head before I even get you in the crib.  You almost never complain about going to sleep, and almost always fall asleep right away.  You do like to make laps around your crib at night though.  I always put you in the back right corner when you go to bed, and often we’ll find you in one of the other corners or at the opposite end of your crib the next morning.

Your hair is finally starting to grow in, so much more in the last month, and it’s blonde and curly in the back.  I’m a sucker for curly hair, so I hope it stays that way for a while.

In a couple weeks, you’ll be having surgery.  You have a little spot just over your right ear that the dermatologist thinks we should get removed.  So, on August 11, we’ll be making a trip to UNC Hospital for the surgeon to take off that spot.  I really hope they don’t have to shave too much of your hair off… but overall, I guess that’s a silly thing for me to worry about, huh?  We’ll just be there for the morning, and should be on the way home shortly after your surgery is over.  I’ll take pictures so we can tell you about it later, because I’m sure you won’t remember.  And I’m glad you won’t.

You’re teething again.  I have no idea which teeth are coming in this time.  You’ve not been eating as much as normal, and you are kinda fussy during the day and not sleeping very well at night.  But you won’t let me look in your mouth to see which ones might be bothering you.  I even tried putting chocolate syrup on my finger, but you were having none of it.

You have finally started saying “mama,” though I’m not sure you use it to call me.  It’s more just your babble sound.

Anytime you hear music you start to dance… well, really it’s more of a bouncing up and down and waving your hands in the air.  But it’s real cute.

Yesterday you made your first attempt at the stairs.  You made it all the way to the top, all by yourself.  And you didn’t use your knees to crawl up, either.  For most of the steps, you got your foot all the way up to the next step and used your big muscles to pull yourself up.  You are one strong little girl.


Your daddy bought you this walker toy a couple of weeks ago.  At first you were only interested in the fun buttons and songs that it sings.  But then you discovered it has another function… and now you are all over the place with this thing.


This is maybe one of my favorite videos of you.  You had pulled out all the laundry from the basket of clean and *ahem* folded laundry. (You can feel free to applaud.  Never mind that it never got put away.  It was clean and folded.  That is what counts.)  Anyway, you found this sock, and you thought it was hilarious to throw it on my face and then crack up.

You’re growing up so fast, munchkin.  You could maybe slow it down a little, ok?  Just a tad.


Dear Clara – 9 months old

29 Jun

Dear Clara,

A couple of days ago you turned 9 months old.  I missed it.  You’ve been keeping me so busy, I completely missed it.

You pretty much seem to be done with the baby food.  You don’t really like for me to feed you with a spoon anymore.  You are so independent, you ‘d rather do everything yourself.

In the past month, you’ve learned how to clap your hands, give kisses, and you’re SOOOO close to saying “more” in sign language.  You’ve been pulling up on things with some help for a while now, but in the past two weeks, you’ve started pulling yourself up all by yourself.  You cruise along the coffee table, trying to reach everything on the top of it.  I’ve had to do a lot of baby proofing in the past month or so.  Outlet covers, removing the baskets from under the coffee table, clearing off all the junk we used to keep on top of it.  Even my coffee mug isn’t safe there.  You love to pull on cords, especially the one for my laptop.  You also love shoes.  I’m not sure if it’s just because they sit where you can reach them or if you really just like shoes.  I guess we’ll find out.  Tearing up my magazines is another fun hobby of yours, and then trying to eat the pages… that’s awesome, too.

We have to be very careful to keep the pantry door closed, because you always try to crawl over there and see what kind of things you can get into.  And there’s a lot of stuff in there you shouldn’t get in to.

Mr. Turtle and Curious George are your favorite friends right now, and you even think the big bear is fun to play with these days.  You’re not scared of him anymore.  In fact, you light up when you see him and do your weird butt scoot over to him.  You’ve gotten to be really quick at that.  It’s not really a crawl, but you make it work.

Mr. Turtle is your bedtime friend.  You always want him with you, and even when you get up in the morning, you’re very clear that you want to bring him downstairs with you – even without words, I know exactly what you’re saying.  At least that’s one time I know.  Most of the time, I still have no idea.  Your daddy is super proud that you like the little stuffed turtle, because he picked it out for you when we went to the Bahamas when I was pregnant.  He loves that you love it.  You’ve also started sleeping on your side.  You’ll hold on to the turtle for dear life, roll over on your side, and put him over your head like you’re trying to block out the light.  You still don’t like to sleep on your tummy.  Now that you’ve figured out how to roll over and crawl around, you sleep in one corner, and when you’re trying to keep yourself awake, you crawl over to the opposite corner of your crib and sit there.

You’re really  interested in walking around.  You’ll hold onto our fingers and practically run around.  Everywhere you can get to.  You haven’t seemed very interested in the stairs just yet, but we’re ready for you when you are.  Your Grandad came last week and built us some adaptors for the bottom of the stairs so we can put the gate there and it will stay, even if you pull on it.  He’s a genius.

We’ve been going to swim lessons, and you’re a regular little fish!  You love the water so much and when we walk out to the pool, you get all excited and flap your arms around like you want to fly out of my arms and right into the water.  And that’s about right.  You do such a great job kicking and even moving your arms and getting your face in the water.  The teacher thinks you’re going to be an “early swimmer.”  I didn’t tell her that you certainly have the genes for it.  Your Grandad was a swimmer in college, and so was your great aunt Andi.  They were both really good, and I think I remember someone telling me that Andi almost made the olympic trials.  Maybe you’ll do that one day, too.  The last time we were at swim lessons, you started swimming between me and your daddy – just a little distance – by yourself.  You do such a great job!

Tomorrow you have your 9 month checkup.  Apparently it was supposed to be Monday, but you know, I forgot about it.  I’ve never before forgotten about a doctor’s appointment before.  Somehow it just slipped my mind.

You’ve started giving kisses when we ask for them, and you’ll give them to your stuffed animals, too.  Today you gave me a kiss, unsolicited.  Melted my heart.  No kidding.

You are starting to make noises that sound like sentences and conversations… I can’t wait until you have a few words.  You say “dada” but not really “mama,” and today it kinda sounded like you were trying to say “turtle” but that’s probably more wishful thinking than anything.  My mom said that when I started talking, it was almost immediately in full sentences, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you do something similar.

You really like when we read books to you – it’s about the only time you’ll sit still for any length of time.  And you love bathtime.  When you hear the water running, you get real excited, like when you see the pool.  You love to splash until I am soaking wet, play with your little squirty toys, and you laugh when I squirt you with them.  You try to drink the water.  Gross.

The garbage disposal and the vacuum cleaner scare you.  You freak out.  Today we went to clean the old house and you would not stop crying until I picked you up and held you while I finished cleaning.  It is challenging, to say the least, to sweep, mop, clean a refrigerator, and clean toilets with a baby in your arms.  I think I got my workout for the day.

You love other people.  There is no stranger danger in you.  You light up when someone talks to you in a store.  And they almost always do.  If they don’t, you kind of give them a look like, “What’s wrong with you?  Don’t you know I’m cute?  You should tell me so.”  Other kids crack you up!  I don’t know if it’s because you think they’re funny, or if they’re doing things that you think you want to be doing, or what, but you giggle like crazy.

The other day you discovered the little door stop things that are attached to the walls.  You grabbed one, and when it slipped out of your hand, it made a “sproiiiiing” noise, and you cracked up.  That was pretty hilarious.

What else?  I feel like there’s something new every day.  You are a crazy girl – and you’re growing up so fast!  You’re certainly keeping me on my toes!

Oh, I know.  You’ve gotten a couple more teeth.  From what I understand, they normally come in in pairs… bottom two, top two, then in pairs after that.  You wouldn’t do anything the normal way… that would be too easy.  So you have gotten your bottom two around 4 months old, then the past couple weeks, you’ve been cutting more teeth.  Today I saw them… One on top – the top right center… and one on bottom – the one to the left of the two you already had.  Snaggletooth.  I shall call you snaggletooth.

We love you, Munchkin.  Happy 9 months!

Mommy (& Daddy)


Pictures to come soon… 🙂

Dear Clara – 6 months

28 Mar

Dear Clara,

Today you are 6 months old. (Well, really it was yesterday, but who’s keeping track?)

I am kind of in shock.

Everyone told me that it would go by so fast, but I guess I just didn’t actually believe them.  Some days it seems like the time drags by, but other days I think back, and I can’t even remember when you were so tiny you fit on my chest, or looked like a tiny little baby doll in your car seat.

These days you are getting so big!  You are so tall, and your feet stick out of the end of your little car seat now.  You’re still really skinny, but boy are you strong!  Your little shoulder muscles are defined, and you still have that baby six pack.  (And I’m still jealous of it!)

You got your second tooth on Friday (3.25.11).  It bothered you a lot more than the first one, and we had a couple days of you being kinda miserable.  Those little frozen teethers seemed to help, and you had a great time dropping them all over the floor for me to pick up.

You’ve been eating solid foods for a couple months now, and you love it!  When I feed you something you really like, you definitely let me know!  You say “mmmmm” and “nom nom nom” and open your mouth for another bite before I can even get it back to the bowl.  Your favorites are carrots, pears, acorn squash, and apples.  You also really like smashed bananas and avocados.  You tolerated peas for a while, but now when I try to feed them to you, you will take one bite, make a yucky face, shiver, and refuse to eat any more.  Green beans aren’t much better.  You are definitely developing opinions about these things.

You have started sitting up on your own, too.  That really started last Monday (3.14.11).  It’s amazing how much better you get at it every single day.  The first day you could sit up for about a minute at a time, and then the next day it was about 5 minutes, and now you can sit up for 20-30 minutes before your gigantic head makes you topple over.  You still don’t really roll over – you’re just content to be where you are.  You love to play in your exersaucer, and that can keep you occupied for a while these days.

I think you might be a singer someday.  You love to make all kinds of noises, but your favorite is the “brrrrr” noise you make by making your lips buzz.  You vary your tone up and down just like a singer.  Once you learned to do that, you started making all kinds of other noises, too.  It’s so fun to hear you babble and talk to yourself.  I love to talk back to you, and we still have those long conversations every day.

Everyone always talks about how good you are, how happy you are, and how cute you are.  I tell them that you like to show off for strangers.  But you really are good, happy, and definitely cute!

You had your first taste of lemon last Friday, and let me tell you, your reaction was hilarious!  I wish we had started taping at the very beginning, because that reaction was best, but here is what we got: (I can’t get this to embed for some reason 😦  click the link below to see both videos…)

You smile a lot, it’s how you tell people hello, but you’re pretty discerning with your laughter.  Every now and then we get a good giggle out of you, and we can’t help but record that, too.

(Clara videos)

As you can see, I would do just about anything to hear that laugh.  Even make a fool of myself.  But you know, somehow it doesn’t seem as silly when you’re with me.  I get a free pass to be ridiculous by having a kid, and that’s pretty cool.

You do some funny things when you sleep.  You always put your hands on your head and rub your hair.  And you will do this thing where you pick both your feet up and SLAM them into the mattress.  I think this is how you have kept your baby six pack.  Can you teach me how to do this in my sleep, too?  When you wake up you play in your crib for a while, making noises and practicing your singing, and sometimes sucking on your toes, even when you’re wearing footie pajamas.  Silly.  It’s one of my favorite things to do in the morning – listen to you talk to yourself as you wake up.  And then the best part is when I go in to get you out of bed, when you see me you freeze for a second and then give me the biggest grin.  It’s awesome.

You know your daddy, and you get really excited when you hear his voice.  Your eyes get all big and your arms and legs go straight and you shake them because you’re so excited.

Your favorite toys right now are your stuffed owl, the stuffed cardinal we got you in Florida, your indestructible books, my necklaces, and pretty much anything you can put in your mouth.  You also really love to pull my hair.  You pull my hair really hard.  That hurts, and I’d really appreciate it if you’d stop that, ok?  Ok.

When I have to work, you and your daddy usually watch sports.  You loved football season.  You were a little less interested in basketball.  Now it’s baseball season.  I hope you love it, because mommy has lots of weddings this summer, and you and daddy will be hanging out on Saturdays a lot.  You will need to like baseball.  At least for a little while. (Or you could just take a nap during the games, and that would probably be ok, too.  Shhhh, don’t tell daddy I told you, but you probably won’t miss much. Plus, he’ll wake you up with his yelling and cheering if anything exciting happens.)

You crack me up when I take a big breath to blow raspberries on your belly.  You anticipate and start laughing your little silent laugh as your eyes get all big.  You also smile really big when I blow air in your face.  This fun game keeps you occupied when we’re out shopping.

Tonight you decided that you wanted to add to this blog post.  This is what you had to say:  ybygu hhejtug j.iu6tbe x
Nice.  Well said.

Clara, you’re an awesome little girl.  Daddy and I love you very much.  I hope you know that.  Keep growing up big and strong.

Happy half-birthday, lovie!

Mommy and Daddy